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Mission Statement

Project195 is a fully recognized 501(c)(3) American nonprofit humanitarian and environmental charity.

If you want to help someone or someplace, Project195 is the charity you want to contact. We are one of the fastest growing "grassroots" charities in the nation, spearheading disaster relief and and environmental recovery programs continuously across the nation and abroad.


Project195 is an eco-humanitarian non-profit,"HANDS ON" organization.Meaning, we don't raise money for the sake of raising it, nor do we raise money to give it to another charity or group.We actually DO THE WORK with whatever funds we raise.

All of our funding goes directly to sending our people where they're needed, with the supplies for the task at hand.

Project195 provides all types of humanitarian aid including, but not limited to; construction, irrigation aid and supplies,water purification, disease prevention and sanitary aid.

Environmental disaster recovery,community clean ups, energy audits and education seminars, is another facet of what we do to ensure that this and generations after us can enjoy this planet we all call home.

A recognized charity in 2008, we started as a club directly after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2006.Over the past six years we have far exceeded expectations, including our own. Project195 has enlisted thousands of volunteers, at hundreds of work sites all across the United States.

Join one of the fastest growing forces for good on Earth today, and start making a difference in someone else's life and your own.



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Would you recommend Project195?

by mace g. (2015-04-03 18:41:08.0)
I first heard about Project195 after my family's home was hit by an F5 tornado in Joplin, Mo. They helped fix and furnish my home free of charge. I had to chase down Scott, the volunteer manager, to give him money for materials on more than one occasion. After my house was completed, I worked with Scott,Harold and Dave and all of the wonderful volunteers from around the U.S. helping my fellow residents of Joplin,MO. That's not the end of my relationship though. After my family and I recovered, and could fully appreciate the blessing of charity first hand.We have been volunteering with Project195 whenever we're able. We met Dave, Kelly, Pat and a group from Wisconsin in Moore, Oklahoma, and again in Little Ferry N.J. with a group from Virginia and two foreign exchange students from Japan. Each time they've gone out of their way to make us comfortable, had plenty of good work for us to do, and saved us a lot of money with travel and lodging too. I can't thank them enough!
by Kelly C. from Little Ferry, NJ (Administrator for this Organization) (2013-09-18 15:00:45.0)
I have spent quite a bit of time volunteering with Project195 and I have never met a group of people so passionate about helping others. Organization, communication, hard work and effort is by far demonstrated by Project195. If you're looking for a fun time servicing your community, this is it.
by nancy R. (2011-03-06 10:02:28.0)
this is the greatest way to give back to the planet we all need to do more to help and project 195 happened to be just right for us with our need to help please just check it out its worth the time Nancy
by Dt S. from Oakland, NJ (Administrator for this Organization) (2012-10-13 09:46:56.0)
I've volunteered a lot over the years with a good many excellent organizations. I have yet to see one charity that equals Project195's dedication to not only the work but to the volunteer.