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Mission Statement

Flight Expo, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

1) Educating young and old of the adventures of aviation

2) Preservation of different unique aircrafts to remember our history in Aviation


We were founded in the mid 90's to assist with a main aviation expo in the Minnesota area.

Our first preservation project was a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer for the 100 year anniversary of flight in 2003.

The aircraft is currently in South St. Paul, MN on display.

Our current presevation project:

Rebuilding a one of a kind unlimited air racer called Tsunami. This aircraft was designed for speed record attempts and air racing in the late 70's - 80's.

What is so unique about the aircraft is:

This had not been done since the HR1 built by Howard Huges in 1939.

It was built by individuals not government or a large corporation.

The developement of this aircraft was used in other aspects of aviation

please visit our website: www.rebuildtsunami.org

Our Education Program:

Over the last years we have seen funding for schooling dry up. With our organizatin we have been able to enlist Kruse Aviation, Inc.; a knowledgeable company that has been rebuilding metal and fabric aircrafts for over 22 years; to teach our volunteers the "How To" of every faucet that you need to know about rebuilding an aircraft. Several of our volunteers are logging their time to be able to become an Aircraft Mechanic.

We provide:

Hands on knowledge about an aircraft rebuild

Helping young and old to have needed experience to obtain a job in the aviation field

Making dreams come true for young and old in the Aviation Community.



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