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Mission Statement

To relieve the suffering of the worldwide persecuted church and help it grow in strength and breadth by providing effective assistance, advocacy, and awareness with integrity towards God and our donors.


International Christian Concern is dedicated to serving 200 million suffering believers by providing them assistance, advocating on their behalf, and raising awareness of their plight, especially in the West where the mainstream media often neglects to report their suffering.

Three arms of ICC:

Assistance: We focus on building and sustaining the persecuted Church. We do everything from the smuggling of Bibles to providing financial support for underground pastors, including:

  • Monthly financial assistance for in-country evangelists and pastors in persecuted countries
  • Training of pastors and Church leaders in persecuted countries
  • Providing teaching materials to persecuted countries
  • Smuggling Bibles into persecuted countries
  • Providing financial assistance to the families of imprisoned or murdered pastors/church leaders
  • Building wells (often Christian families can't use a village well)
  • Schools for persecuted kids (where Christian children are forced to go to Muslim schools)
  • Humanitarian aid to stricken (persecuted) areas when needed
  • Various other programs and projects

Advocacy: We are a voice for the persecuted in the US Congress and Senate, The White House, and the State Department. We meet with Senators, Congressional Representatives, State Department, and White House staff to influence policy, affect legislation, and to provide behind the scenes pressure on countries that imprison and murder Christians.

Awareness: We strive to raise awareness in the West about the existence and severity of Christian persecution around the world. Unfortunately, most Christians in the West are not aware of what is happening to their brothers and sisters around the world. For this reason we spend many man hours each day gathering,, disseminating, and storing news on the persecution of Christians around the world. We disseminate this news via the website, press releases, and our newsletter and weekly email offerings.



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