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Mission Statement

Our mission is to care for and help humanely reduce the free-roaming cat population in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan by: promoting awareness in and providing education for our communities; implementing a trap/neuter/return program to help reduce the homeless cat population; and establishing managed cat colonies where free-roaming cats have access to food, water, shelter and basic veterinary care.


Michiana Feral Cat Initiative is a trap/neuter/return (TNR) group in northern Indiana (mainly in South Bend and Mishawaka, IN). We focus on implementing TNR in our neighborhoods, both educating the public about TNR and helping colony caretakers trap their free-roaming cats and transporting them for low-cost spay/neuter surgery. We also educate the community about free-roaming cats, and how to care for them humanely and responsibly.

Michiana Feral is also an advocate for cats and we work to change the animal code in the City of South Bend to include legal cat colonies. We have been appointed to an ad hoc committee advising changes to the animal code (2013).

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by Lisa B. (2012-07-13 14:29:57.0)
Sorry I think what you are trying to do is really great, but I have one big criticism. You should warn people living in the city that all of they're hard work and money is spent for nothing if even one neighbor complains about seeing cats on they're property. Trap neuter return in not legal in the city. 1. It is illegal to have more than three pets. 2. It is illegal to have any pets that are not registered with animal control. 3. You must keep your animals confined to your property at all times or animal control will take them and fine you. If you participate in TNR and a neighbor complains the animal control will take all of the cats they can get and put them to sleep. They also fine the crap out of you. People should be warned of this before they waste a lot of money and are caused a lot of heart ache. Also ear tipping is the most horrible thing you can do to a stray or feral. South Bend animal control puts all of these cats down immediately.
by Eve H. (2010-10-16 19:16:05.0)
This is a wonderful organization that makes a huge difference by educating the community and reducing the homeless cat population. The roaming cats are respectfully treated and given the basics, but most importantly, they are neutered, a huge effort that is so needed! THANK YOU for all you do Michiana Feral Cat Group!
by Lisa S. (2010-10-13 17:43:06.0)
This is a great organization that really makes a difference in the community by helping spay/neuter stray & feral cats. It is a great group of people to work with who have a lot of passion for the cause.
by jodi a. (2010-10-13 17:02:51.0)
this is a fantastic organization! They have spay/neutered over 250 cats! St. Joe county needs to be a no-kill community, and with Michiana Feral, this can now be a possibility. If you care anything at all about the fact that 5,000 HEALTHY cats were euthanized in St. Joe county in 2009, then run, do not walk, to www.michianaferal.org and volunteer or donate, or both! Helpless animals need your help!!