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Mission Statement

Successfully provide modern technology to euip, empower, encourage At -RISK -YOUTH to inmprove, academic performance, soical and personal knowlege to passionetly seek the challenges of the future.


The House of Angels Transforming Lives to Make a Difference Inc. (House of Angels), is a faith-based nonprofit organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. House of Angels, Jax was founded in 2008 with the objective to raise awareness of the overwhelming number of youth living on the streets.

Currently there are over 1.5 million youth under the age of 18 that will experience homelessness each year and 13 of those youth will die each day. In Jacksonville alone, over 5% of the 209,000 youth are homeless. That is over 10,000! Are you paying attention? They need our help!

Youth homelessness is a large problem and a complicated one, but by no means is it a hopeless one. If we try to understand the problem as a whole, we can begin to work toward better solutions. Using today's most up to date technology, early prevention and outreach organizations within Jacksonville we believe this is an achievable goal. The House of Angels will provide our youth a ray of hope in the midst of their crisis.
All around the United States our youth are walking this path alone. If you don't personally know someone living on the streets, it's easy to pretend youth homelessness isn't a problem. It is a problem, and it affects millions of normal kids every day.

We are committed to:

  • Focusing on opportunities to create positive changes in the midst of crisis.
  • Empower young adults through community resources, a safe environment and supportive staff.
  • Partnering with the City of Jacksonville and other agencies to provide needed services to our youth and their families.

Utilize today's technology to Equip, Empower, and Encourage youth and their families to live independently.



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by Carolyn W. from JACKSONVILLE, FL (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-07-26 18:08:31.0)
We give teens opportunity to grow as individuals, establish positive interpersonal relationships and learning key independent skills.