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Mission Statement

JSP is a not for profit human services agency committed to quality and excellence. Our first responsibility is to the youth who utilize our services. We are dedicated to providing families in the communities we serve with education, training, counseling, diversion, intake screening, gender specific programming and residential services for youth in need. Our communities can expect to receive quality programming for their tax dollars. We place special value on dedication and perseverance... the results of which will be our common reward.


Our ultimate goal is to be one of the most respected social service agencies based on long term performance and honorable conduct. It is not just about results, but how we achieve them-with a commitment to integrity and service.

JSP's commitment starts at the top with our Board of Directors, which provides invaluable guidance. On behalf of our employees. I want to thank our Directors for their dedication to the agency. While the dedication of senior leaders is essential, our ability to live up to our values ultimately depends on the many employees who personify our goals.

While JSP has a longstanding tradition of going above and beyond in times of crisis, the everyday actions of our employees are what enable us to carry out our strategies. I believe we have one of the most talented and committed workforces of any agency. Workplace quality is important to us and we work hard to foster an environment in which people of all backgrounds feel they can succeed and grow. We are committed to creating a work environment that not only ensures employee satisfaction, but inspire and enables our staff to reach higher. I have often said that the staff of JSP is our greatest asset. Strategies and business models only lay the ground work.

As we approach 35 years of service, our staff has made our success possible through every phase of this agency's reinvention. Above all else, they give me the confidence that our next chapter promises to be the best yet.

There is a growing sense of confidence in JSP that we are making the right decisions for the right reasons. This isn't about easy fixes or miracles. Rather, it is a journey that we will pursue with passion, ingenuity, determination and persistence unrivaled in our industry.

JSP looks forward to 2010 as a year of opportunity, to expand and augment the processes we have put in place for continuous improvement. While we are pleased with the results of our efforts thus far, we are not satisfied; we will continue to improve everyday. As we continue on our journey, JSP will continue its commitment to keep safe our children and a steadfast adherence to the values that guide us every step of the way.

JSP is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of child care. Our capacities to succeed and to face into the challenges ahead are enabled by the men and women of JSP across the state who are dedicated to this noble cause. Through their work and the leadership of our management team we are in a position to move forward.

Despite the sagging economy that still looms large in our thinking, 2010 is a time for a new start. While some people, businesses, organizations, governmental figures and so on may grow fearful and cry for a retreat. Those who will make all the difference know that now is the time to get creative and seize new opportunities. No one is so rigid that they cannot change. No one is so set in their ways and attitudes that the are doomed to a gloomy and fearful outlook. Mahatma Gandhi said, "You can be the change you want to see in the world." So no matter what the outlook looked like yesterday, no matter what you are told about the outlook today, and no matter what is said about the outlook for tomorrow; don't forget that ultimately we get to decide for ourselves. Take on 2010, like you own it, because after all - we do.

Isabella Cox, M.A.

Executive Director



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