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Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively reduce child abuse, neglect, and teen pregnancy by reaching and teaching our youth the realities of parenting and equipping them with the basic parenting skill set they will need.


September of 2013 we released our first documentary video titled "The Life Sentence". This documents the story of four families whose babies were shaken or suffered sever head trauma and survived. The children are no longer infants and no longer healthy.

Our organization has put together a two-week program that will be aimed at America's youth. The school system in Missouri will begin piloting this program in January of 2011. The program will include a dvd, teacher's manual, and student worksheets/journal. The dvd will include 10 five minute scenarios of situations we know all parents will encounter when raising children. In each five minute scenario we will watch the situation escalate to the point of abuse/neglect. The video will then be stopped and the class discussion can begin....what went wrong?..what other choices could the parents have made?..etc. The intent is to have the class view one of these videos each class day for two weeks.

The situations include 1.Crying Baby (Shaken Baby) 2.Co-Sleeping (Infants die of suffocation) 3. Potty Training 4.Toddler Tantrum 5.Bedtime 6.Homework 7.Negative Parenting 8.Inappropriate dress 9.Bad report card 10.Sexual Abuse

Our youth only know family life from the child's perspective. This program will place the student in the parent's position so that they can begin to realize how very stressful and frustrating parenting is and why the cycle of abuse often continues.

This program will be utilized by schools, government agencies, advocacy groups, churches, and community centers. Profits from this video will be used to create follow-up video presentations.

This program is using the reality based production/style that appeals to our youth. In other words.....if you left school today and had to go home and face a baby, this is what it is really like.


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