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Post Office Box 367Seagoville, TX 75159 United States

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Our Mission is Compassion in Action
To show by example
the simplest ways to make a difference in the lives of animals.


About Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc.

Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. (OHAR), with offices located near Dallas, Texas is a non-profit animal welfare organization started by Jim and Bettye Baker. After doing rescue on a personal level most of their lives, OHAR was established in 2006 as a non-breed specific rescue with the intent to help abandoned or injured animals. As members of the Metroplex Animal Coalition OHAR works closely with the Metroplex Animal Shelters to rescue highly adoptable dogs and cats subject to euthanasia when the shelters run out of room.

Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. is a registered Petsmart Partner and offers a weekly adoption event at the Petsmart Store in Rockwall, Texas. Applicants are screened and humane education provided to new homes on pet care and the long term commitment to this new family member.

OHAR also provides dogs to the Dallas County Juvenile Authority's PREP program. Sponsored by the Youth Village Foundation, the PREP program (P.R.E.P. stands for Patience, Responsibility, Empathy and Partnership; the behaviors and skills developed through participation in this program) is for at risk young men interested in a career with animals. This training provides them a marketable skill and a competitive advantage in the job market. Visit http://www.youthvillagefoundation.org/assets/programs/prep.html for more information on this wonderful program. It changes the lives of these young men forever and makes our rescues 100% more adoptable.

Guiding Principles

  • Animals add to our life experience and make it fuller by their unqualified love and devotion.
  • Pets teach children about compassion and the gift of companionship - teaching responsibility for pets is the adult's job.
  • Pets are not for trading, selling or exchanging. They are a lifetime commitment to one family and are not discarded due to health, lifestyle change or inconvenience.
  • Buying animals from breeders contributes to the problem. Adoption from animal shelters and strong spay/neuter programs is the solution. Ask yourself "Am I part of the solution, or part of the problem?"
  • Responsiblepet care includes spay/neuter, regular vaccinations and heartworm prevention.
  • Compassionate care means your pet is a family member, with all that affords.
  • Compassion through education. Foster a sentiment of kindness to animals in children and adults by teaching responsibility for their care and well being.
  • It should never take a state law to mandate against tying a dog out on a chain. This is inhumane and dangerous to the animal and ultimately people.

We work very hard to save dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized in local city shelters. This involves a great deal of time and a significant monetary commitment. In return, we expect to place these animals in loving forever homes, where their last experience of abandonment is the city shelter.


Would you recommend Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc.?
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by Nicole W. (January 30, 2019)
What an exceptional group of people and animals. I love spending my weekends walking dogs, cuddling with cats and counseling possible adopters. There is nothing better than bringing joy to the life of pets that are in search of their forever home.
by Will C. from Arlington, TX (July 16, 2010)
Working with Oak Hill Animal Rescue is an absolute joy. The dogs are wonderful, and the staff and other volunteers are just great; you get the real sense that everyone genuinely cares about these loving animals. Volunteers actually look forward to returning, and I understand why. My thanks go out to OHAR for the outstanding work that they do for our pet population.
by Jordan M. from San Antonio, TX (July 3, 2010)
I had a great day working with Bettye and all the volunteers at the adoption day in Mesquite. The work was fun and after some brief training, I felt very capable of working and playing with the animals. The other volunteers were very nice and welcoming, the dogs were gorgeous and loveable, and though it was a hot day outside, I think we all had a fun time and some dogs were adopted! OHAR is doing great things and I was happy to be a small part of that. Also- the entire application process can be completed online which is so helpful if you live far from OHAR or Mesquite
by Josh A. (June 28, 2010)
The people in charge are very friendly, genuine people who really appreciate your help. The work was laid back and enjoyable. I had never volunteered for anything like this before, but everybody had no problem explaining procedures to me. Oh, and best part, you get to play with dogs all day :-)
by Hang T. (June 17, 2010)
The whole staff and volunteers were caring and kind. I had no experience working with animals before, but they were willing to help me learn and adjust to the new environment. If there’s some task you’re not comfortable with, all you have to do is tell them. They’re really understanding about it! Even the application process was pleasant! Bettye Baker was extremely helpful and she responds super fast to your emails if you would prefer that over calling. She was willing to answer any questions and gave you an overview of your responsibilities. Even though I will not be returning because of my own reasons, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone willing to help.
by Nicole V. (June 15, 2010)
I am very passionate about animals, and I noticed on Sunday that so is the whole staff of Oak Hill Animal Rescue. Bettye Baker and her husband showed me full respect as well as the rest of the volunteers. Everyone was friendly and helpful when needing assistance in my task. The duties were distributed evenly, and time flew by for me, even with being a good chunk of time. I will definitely be going back any Sunday that I can to help this amazing organization.

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