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Mission Statement

Molly's Adopt a Sailor Project, a broad based, collaborative and community initiative to support deployed United States Military Personnel by way of cards, letters, and care packages filled with love, support, and necessities from home


100% volunteer based, no overhead, no one gets paid, no media budget ---- this is all from the hearts. Made up mostly of Moms all across the USA.

Our Motto is *WE SHIP LOVE* and that is our intention. We support all branches of the military ---if they request, they get mom love sent to them. From our home directly to them ---not a warehouse, its our own kitchens and sewing rooms etc.

We do this every month without fail -- we normally adopt groups ranging from 50 to 900. BUT again we turn NO one down. Single adoptee's to large groups, ground or sea (as long as they are not in the USA) and need some extra love. We send letters/boxes /homemade pillowcases ---just about anything you can think of that the troops need.

We are on facebook/twitter & have a website.



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by Cathy G. (2011-03-26 13:39:09.0)
Mollys Adopt A Sailor gets individuals and groups involved in doing something very positive for the men and women serving our USA...I have been involved only a short time( My Dad is a WW II Navy Veteran) and we can't get enough of volunteering to do positive things for veterans and presently serving folks, etc.
by Elizabeth K. (2010-12-04 19:34:42.0)
What these Navy Moms do for their kids and other kids overseas is amazing. Sending them all sorts of things that help them get through the times over there surely makes the its a little easier. The men and women are passionate about what they do and they all have a common goal which is to let them feel appreciated. They are wonderful people to work/volunteer with. Thank you for this experience.
by Diane b. (2010-05-25 11:17:09.0)
WE ship loveā™„ put a smile on a OUR troops Faces!!! Send a card, letter or package. It is very rewarding!.