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Mission Statement

Global Lifeworks strives to stop the spread of HIV in our local communities through education and partnerships that focus both on HIV positive individuals and those at risk.

We accomplish our vision through prevention education, interactive forums, and partnering with other organizations dedicated to serving the medical and psychosocial needs of the HIV/AIDS community and those at risk. We offer seminars that examine belief systems and assumptions about who is infected by HIV and how they are treated in society. Finally, we build relationships and bridges between diverse communities to find new and unified ways of caring for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

We are particularly committed to:

  • Global and Local Health
  • Adolescents and Youth At Risk
  • The Value of Diversity
  • Community Transformation via Collaboration


Global Lifeworks was birthed out of the relationship between an HIV/AIDS physician and her patient. Together, they explored the unique ways to address the lack of education and awareness of HIV/AIDS by disseminating accurate information regarding transmission and prevention, while meeting the medical and psychosocial needs of the HIV/AIDS community. Additionally, they addressed the stigma and assumptions inherent in the HIV/AIDS pandemic by offering a transformational workshop called Discovery which assists individuals in examining the belief systems that influence their assumptions about who is infected and how they are treated. Global Lifeworks believes that the solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is already available. This is a disease that is 100% preventable and treatable, though not curable. By integrating all of our available resources medically, psychosocially, spiritually, and economically, we can provide education regarding transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS while working together to enhance the health and wellness of both the HIV positive individual and their community. Today, Global Lifeworks activities include:

- Creating scientifically and medically accurate HIV/AIDS prevention educational videos in many languages that are given away for free online

- Doing live in-person educational seminars and workshops about HIV/AIDS prevention

- Annual Lifeworks Seminars in Bakersfield, California for transgender individuals and their partners

- A partnership with Stellenbosch Gemeente Church in South Africa to serve those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Kayamandi, a township of 25,000 people in South Africa



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