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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Court Watch Project is:

  • To increase public awareness of domestic violence and the domestic violence laws
  • To encourage community involvement in, and understanding of the judicial system
  • To promote accountability, transparency and adherence to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act

NEXT TRAINING: OCT. 1st 10am-4pm


The Courtwatch Project utilizes volunteers to monitor and record observations of civil and criminal proceedings at The City of Chicago Centralized Domestic Violence Court, 555 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL. The observations will be included in regular reports to the legal community and beyond. The first report is due to be released at the end of the summer/ early fall 2010.



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by Rosalinda L. (2010-06-09 11:37:14.0)
Though generations this public issue has not been given the proper attention from people in the position to do something about. To begin awaking people's moral obligation to reduce the violence in homes. We need to realize domestic violence is a public issue and must be treated as such. As long as the suthorized systems, including "religious" continue its tolerance, future generations will perpetuate the sick sycle of violence. I have a daughter and two sons and have tried to educate them on the harmfull effects of domestic violence for the perpetrator as well as the victim's self and those around them. I honestly believe that I,(as many other parents have done my part)but none of us live in a buble, we all live in this world and we all need to make it our responsability to educate the child girld and boy so they can become healthy adults free of this evil- domestic vilence.
by Helen D. from Dolton, IL (2010-05-30 15:52:27.0)
I currently volunteer for Family Rescue, Inc. and have taken the IL Crisis class for domestic violence; during which I have come to realize on a much deeper level the importance of educating women and teens of its severe impact on the family and relationships in general. Everyone should become more involved.