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Mission Statement

My Plan of Action:

I will implement and follow any and all state policies that promote the health, safety and welfare of Pennsylvania's citizens. I will push for policies that support small business growth and development to create more jobs for our workers; explore every possible way to reestablish a strong manufacturing base in Pennsylvania; seek more business and community partnerships to create summer jobs for youth; encourage a strong family/strong schools climate; promote measures to provide relief from high student education loan debt for those who pursue public service; fight to protect senior citizens from rising costs; support our veterans; advocate for transparency in government spending; and vigorously work to maintain a fair, impartial, honest and effective judicial system in our state.

With your support we can and will WIN the race for Lieutenant Governor. My plan can succeed with your help, and together we will provide a new voice for Pennsylvania's citizens.


My Background:

I recently retired as a statewide appeals court judge on the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania after serving for 2l ½ years. I was elected in 1987 for ten years and retained in two subsequent elections in 1997 and 2007. I decided countless cases that have impacted the lives of our working families and the education of children as well as impacted the business and corporate community; local and state government operations including audits of government spending; local, state and federal candidates for office; land use in counties throughout the state; employee/employer labor relations; and many other cases involving health, safety and welfare issues affecting citizens throughout our state.

Over the years, I have made time to mentor young people, support senior citizens' activities, develop scholarships and educational programs, aid the homeless, host government officials and dignitaries traveling to our state from around the world and perform a variety of other community services.

My parents were working-class people who taught their ten children the virtue of hard work and perseverance. They instilled in my siblings and me a belief in the ability to achieve despite all odds, and they fostered a commitment to public service. Most important is that they maintained strong family values, which I share with my Husband former U.S. Air Force Captain and retired Common Pleas Court Judge Paul Ribner and our lovely 20 year-old Daughter.

My Reason for Running:

I am well grounded in matters that affect the citizens of Pennsylvania. Virtually every citizen of our state is affected by the decisions of the court on which I served, whether it involves -- paying utility bills or real estate taxes; enforcing laws that protect the injured employee or the unemployed individual; voting for candidates for local, state or federal office; sending one's children to public or charter school; obtaining auto, home or medical insurance; being licensed to do business in Pennsylvania; protecting against environmental contamination; enforcing safe working environments; seeking business or private loans; owning and possessing firearms; or engaging in a host of other activities.

I am running because I will be an effective and strong Lieutenant Governor whose sole priority will be to serve the interests of Pennsylvania's citizens.



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