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Mission Statement

A national rescue network opens up many new possibilities for adopters and rescuers. National Great Pyrenees Rescue's organizers are experienced rescuers and breed advocates who are dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced and abandoned Great Pyrenees into safe, caring companion or working homes. If everyone who wants a Pyr or a Pyr puppy takes a rescue dog, regardless of geographic location, we can seriously reduce the number of dogs who are abandoned and destroyed. Sadly, we have watched the number of Great Pyrenees dogs listed for adoption on Petfinder climb steadily to an all-time high of over 900 dogs, with no end in sight.

Many of these dogs are located in the South and Texas, where healthy dogs can be euthanized after only a couple of days in a shelter, and where finding appropriate homes is more difficult. NGPR believes there is an immediate need to address this imbalance by helping to relieve overburdened Pyr rescuers in these regions. One of the transportation services assisting in this rescue effort, PETS LLC, was awarded a Best Practices award as part of the American Humane Association's national initiative, "Getting To Zero: Ending Euthanasia of Healthy & Treatable Animals". The initiative encourages the transfer of animals from overcrowded facilities to areas with more potential adoption opportunities. You can support this important program by adopting your next pet through NGPR or another rescue organization. It is important for everyone to understand that Great Pyrenees rescue is not a regional problem--it's a national concern for everyone who loves this breed.


National Goals

Here are the many ways NGPR endeavors to help Great Pyrenees rescue:

  1. NGPR, through its web site, nationalpyr.org, will strive to improve communications between adopters, rescuers, non-breed rescue groups and shelters across the country.
  2. NGPR, through its chat group, National_Great_Pyrenees_Rescue@yahoogroups.com, will work actively to maintain communications between all Pyr rescue groups.
  3. NGPR, through its website, nationalpyr.org, will ensure that all Great Pyrenees rescuers--wherever they are in the country--have the tools they need to place dogs effectively and efficiently.
  4. NGPR will provide information about the breed and promote education and other sources of accurate information about the breed.
  5. NGPR will support existing, legitimate Pyr rescue groups and their activities and will help new rescue groups become established in places where effective breed rescue does not currently exist.
  6. NGPR will work with established, reputable Great Pyrenees rescue groups to facilitate highly selective, one-on-one placement of Great Pyrenees dogs across the country by helping to move specific dogs from reputable Great Pyrenees rescue groups into approved homes, wherever they are.
  7. NGPR will work with other national groups to promote the regulation of pet stores, puppy mills and breeders to avoid the excess production and discarding of animals.
  8. NGPR will fund-raise on a national basis to provide aid and relief for Pyr rescuers.



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