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Mission Statement

Sri Shathashrunga Vidya Samsthe is a non-proftable, non-poltical, non-religious & non-governmental organisation established in the year 1988 . Its organisation with a difference. Over the years it has established its reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the field of Deaf, disabled, aged, poor & helpless. It has decentralised its operations and can take just pride that it is reaching out to the deaf and just pride that it is reaching out to the deaf and disabled even in remote rural areas.


HELP THE POOR AND THE HELPLESS (Please forward this letter to all your friends in the intrest of the poor and the helpless) SRI SHATHASHRUNGA VIDYA SAMSTHE NEAR CHECK POST, MAGADI MAIN ROAD, KAMAKSHIPALYA EXTENTION, BANGALORE-560079, KARNATAKA, SOUTH INDIA, TEL: +91 080 3488157, 3283823, 3486044, REGISTERED UNDER FOREIGN CONTRIBUTION (REGULATION) ACT, 1976 BEARING NO. 0 9 4 4 2 0 7 7 2 DATED 20.05.1999 ========================================================= INTRODUCTION : Sri Shathashrunga Vidya Samsthe is a non-proftable, non-poltical, non-religious & non-governmental organisation established in the year 1988 . Its organisation with a difference. Over the years it has established its reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the field of Deaf, disabled, aged, poor & helpless. It has decentralised its operations and can take just pride that it is reaching out to the deaf and just pride that it is reaching out to the deaf and disabled even in remote rural areas. Units of the Organisation, Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir & Rehabilitation Centre for the poor & helpless. Near check post, Magadi Main Road, Kamakhipalya II Stage, Bangalore 560 079. Shirdi Saibaba holy padukas installed at the mandir on on 08-02-1998 by then Trustee Ashok Khambekar in presence of the Saidevotees. Six feet marble statue of Shirdi Saibaba instaled by Pujya Guruji Sri Ammula Sambasiva Rao of Hyderabad on 22-08-1999. The centre offers total rehabilitation services to the Poor and Helpless Persons. PROGRAMMES FOR THE DISABLED PERSONS: Disability Division: BRIEF HISTORY OF TH ORGANIZATION, OBJECTS AND ACTIVITIES: Sri. Shathashrunga Vidya Samste was established on 23rd June 1988 for providing education to the Hearing impaired. In the years to come, it expanded its activities to provide technical and vocational training, placement and counseling services to the hearing impaired and disabled. It is now also undertaking programmes related to the Hearing-Impaired and Disabled. OBJECTS: With the blessings of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri. Shathashrunga Vidya Samste is striving to make the deaf and disabled independent and productive citizens of society. By educating them and giving them facilities of vocational training, Sri. Shathashrunga is attempting to secure open employment opportunities for them and Integrate them in society. Sri. Shathashrunga Vidya Samste is also working for prevention of deafness and disability. It is also working at creating public awareness regarding the skill of the deaf and disabled by mass publicity campaigns and by live demonstration of their talents. Sri. Shathashrunga Vidya Samste is also working modernizing existing services for the disabled for initiating modern practices of management and innovative programme. NATURE OF THE ORGANIZATION: Sri Shathashrunga Vidya Samste has initiated and implemented a variety of programmes for the education, training, vocational training, professional training and employment of all categories of Deaf and Disabled persons. It has also initiated Community Based Rehabilitation program's for all categories of disabled persons. It is also recognized as research organization. Recently it has implemented Advanced Training programmes related to the disabled persons. EDUCATION: Sri. Sai Shathashrunga Residential School for the Deaf, Robertsonpet, Kolar Gold Fields - 563 122. & Near Check Post, Kamakshipalya II Stage, Bangalore - 560 079. These Schools had proved very useful in improving the educational status of the deaf. All the deaf students' appeard in 7th public examination passed. 150 deaf children availed the facilities at Kolar Gold Fields and 155 Deaf Children at Bangalore. The students come from all over the Karnataka and are given free lodging and boarding facilities. The Auditory Training, and Spech Therapy given to them. FOR ADMISSIONS WRITE OR CONTACT HEAD MISTRESS, PHONE: 080-3486044. TRAINING: Sri. Sai Multicatagory Training Centre for the Disabled, Sri. Ranga Buildings. Bangalore - 560 079. Ther centre provides on the job training in simulated industrial settings. Deaf & disabled are selected on 1st to 15th of every month and given training after their residual abilities, aptitude and dexterity are checked by a Vocational Counsellor, Speech Therapist & Audiologist, Occupational Therapist and Welfare Officer. The Trades are Light, Engineering, Commercial Designs, Files & Stationery, Handicrafts, Tailoring, Screen-Printing, D.T.P, BookBinding. 50 Deaf & Disabled were admitted for training during the year depending on their abilities. Fininshed products of the Centre were sodl in the open market. Trained disabled were helped to get similar jobs in open industry on completion of Training. Rehabilitation: Employment and Placement Services, Bangalore - 560 079.The task of the Employment and placement Officer is to identify jobs in open industry, convince the employers regarding the skills of the disabled and then place the right deaf or disabled persons in the job. 15 deaf and 30 disabled persons were placed in open industry by this cell during the year. The cell helps to reintegrate trained deaf& disabled persons in open employment and proves their potentials to a sceptical public. SUVARNA INSTITUTE OF SPEECH AND HEARING KAMKHSHIPALYA, SRIRANGA BUILDING, BANGALORE. Suvarna Institute of speech and hearing was established in the year 1992, under the administrative control of the ministry of justice and empowerment, Government of India. Suvarna institue of Speech and Hearing is run by Sri Shathashrunga Vidya Samste, which is a non-Governmental Organisation, dedicated to National peace advancement of Human Welfare. The Organisation works mainly for the welfare of the aged, disabled and weaker sections of the society founded in the year 1988. Suvarna Institute of Speech and Hearing is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. The Prime objective of the institute is to develop service facilities, Devlopment of awareness, Develop manpower conducting research and providing extensive services in collaboration with other NGO of Volutary organisation and to provide early identification to total rehabilitation of speech and Hearing impaired persons. THE SUVARNA INSTITUTE OF SPEECH AND HEARING THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: 1. Hearing assesment & diagnosis. 2. Hearing aid trail & fitting. 3. Hearing aid cares & trouble shooting. 4. Ear mould & ear mould modifications. 5. Speech, Langauage and Voice Evalution, assesment & sis 6. Speech, Langauage and Voice therapy, 7. Management of mentally handicapped, 8. Psychological Evalution and assesment, 9. Psychotherapy & behavioural thearpy, 10.Educational evalution & guidence, 11.ENT, padiatric & Neurological Evalution. 12.Information services. 13.Vacational guidance, training, counselling & placement 14.Installation of group amplification systems. 15.Outreach & extension services 16.Physotherapy trearment, Institute had run by the following programmes in the year 1999-2000. OUT REACH PROGRAMMES: - a) SCHOOL SCREENING: - The institute conducted various screening at schools sponsered by voluntary organizations students were evaluated for both speech & heraing problems diagnosed and some were asked to follow up for further detailed evaluation and treatment. b) INDUSTRIAL SCREENING: - Screening Programmes were done at various industries to assess the noise levels of the working situation and the susceptibitity of the workers to noise induced hearing loss hearing conservation programmes were conducted for the noise exposed employees of the factories regarding provision of ear protective devices. c) SPEECH & HEARING CAMPS (GOVT) :- The Institute members had participated and rendered free services at Urban & Rural areas in and around the Bangalore city by screening the people by Evaluating for Speech and Hearing problems conducted by the Department of Women and Child Development (Welfare Disabled Department) Government of Karnataka, were identity cards were also issued to the - Hearing disabled whose hearing loss is more than 70db and also those with Speech problems, which can't be cured. d) SPEECH & HEARING CAMPS (PRIVATE) :- The Institute members had participated and rendered free services at Urban & rural areas in and around Bangalore City by screening the people by evaluating for the speech and Hearing problems and asked to follow up for whom treatment was necessary at the institute. These camps had made awareness among the public. - e) SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAM:- The Institute conducted short-term training programmes to update the concerned professionals regarding the various rehabilitation programmes and teaching techniques. (1) An awareness of Speech and Hearing problem and its rehabilitation measure program was conducted in the rural areas of Kolar District. And the Training were given to the anganavadi workers. (2) The programmes were also intended for the teachers of Deaf School, who could not attend the long term training program and couldn't get training recently and who have been working in voluntary, non-Governmental Oragnisation and other institutions dealing with rehabilitation of the Speech and Hearing impaired. (3) The Institute provided practical exposure by conducting regular observation classes for the school teacheres during therapy classes for the various problems and observation classes for the teachers from school. For the teachers of shathashrunga vidya samste, Residential School for the Daef, Bangalore, the Institute also conducted refreshers session monthly and in kolar once in 2 months. (4) Training the Parents in the management of mentally handicaped. (5) Training teachers in Identification and management communicatevely handicaped . (f) PROJECTS: - Suvarna Institute of Speech & Hearing members had taken up 4 projects. - (1) HOSPITAL & GENERAL WASTE MANAGEMENT:- With the help of Environmental pollution Board & Tata Energy Resource Institute, the members of SSVS had started this project where a target of 100 clinics and 10 nursing homes in the near by areas of our Organizations will be taken up and all the hospital & General Waste (froms houses) will be collected. Frist it will be disinfected and then incinerated/sterilized and same recycled; this also does the environmental cleaning. (2) AIDS: - Awareness and preventive measures project was taken up were awareness of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome disease was made along with Speech and Hearing Camps among the general public. Orientation classes, distributing of pamphlets and skits were demonstrated. The target groups taken are Ladies Hostel, Auto Drivers, Truck Drivers and jailers. Awareness program were carried out about, What is AIDS? How it gets transmits and prventive measures for the same. "EASY TO GET IN, TOUGH TO GET OUT " - AIDS 3) PUBLIC AWARENEES ON SPEECH&HEARINGIMPAIRMENT: - This project largest on reaching out the maximume number of disabled persons with the need for improved speech & hearing while lots of people in remot areas have misconceptions about their hearing disability & the rehabilitation proceduces can do to help. We carried our Various awareness programmes regarding the causes and prevention for the disorder. - 4) SURVAY ON INCIDENTS & PREVALANCE OF MENTALLY RETARDED: - To Provide better rehabilitation & to track out the causes and to vanish out the reason behind it. Psyochology Department and speech Department covered around 25 villages in Bangalore destrict and asked some of them to follow up for the detailed Evaluation and treatment. (g) SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS:- (1) Attended the 2 days workshop on Hospital & General Wastemanagement conducted by TERI & KIMS Hospital & EPB Bangalore, in which training were given to all the members. (2) Attended the meeting / Workshop on welfare Disability Act Rules 1995, where representing the SISH. Institute Audiologist spoke on the following. - To include the degree of hearing loss-Hearing Disability. - An Audiologist should be given the permission to attest the certificate for hearing impaired as they is the one specialized in hearing testing evaluation and diagnosis and accurate measurement for the hearing evalution. (3) Attended the XXXII National conference of Indian Speech & Hearing association ISHACON 2000at NIMH Scccunderabad were the latest Knowledge in the field were known & the application to SISH, (Same as laste years) Elkon, Siemens, Alps, Arphi, Danavox, Phonak, Starkey etc., and list.] (4) Attended one day workshop on Karnataka Association of rules disability act meeting and convervation took place (5) For What to do for the disability, how to work for the total rehabiitation. (6) Attended a meeting on Association of the Hearing Disabled were Knowledge about latest in cochlear implants were known and hearing aid and speech therapy techniques for the same. (7) Attended sympasium on Rehabilitation of haryugeetomy and mandikulectomry conducted at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore on 28-2-2000. (8) Attended the 5th International and 36th Indian Academu of Applied psychology conference December 1999 at Bangalore University were the Excllent Knowledge in the field of psychology and tromondons Experience and the most useful to SISH. (h) RESEARCH PROGRAMMES: - The Research work in the Institute is mainly community based and Special projects are aimed at rehabilitation of vast majority of handicapped in Urban & rural areas. (i) PARENT GUIDANCE & COUNSELING: - The Institute has been conducting partental guidance & counseling Services and also parental infant programmes, orientation, training Programmes etc. (j) CORRESPONDENCE THERAPY: - Correspondence therapy is been given for stammering patients who are unable to come and attend therapy at our institute. (k) INFORMATION &DOCUMENTATION CENTRE: -The Information & Documentation Centre functioning the aim to acquire and organise the information and disseminate it to the Organizations and individuals working for the heraing handicapped. FOR ABOVE SERVICES CONTACT THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, THROUGH: 080-3486044 AGED DIVISION PROGRAMMES RELATED TO THE AGED: SRI SAI SNEHADHAMA VRUDHASHRAMA (MAINTENANCE AND SERVICES TO THE OLDER PERSONS) The organisation is running the residential units for 50 poor destitute aged persons of 60 years and above aged persons coming from lower income and middle income group of the society without any income. Under this program physical and psychological well being of the aged. Free medicines will be provided to the inmates. SRI SAI FOSTER CARE ADOPTION SERVIEDS FOR THE AGED: Under this program services are provided to homeless and lonely aged persons living distressed condition due to poverty. The aged will be placed with the willing and Keepings in mind the local culture and values. Families willing and capable families with samll children will be identified and then matched with needs of the aged. The interested families may contact the centre in person or through telephone 080-3486044. SRI SAI MOBILE MEDICARE CENTRE FOR THE AGED: Under this program Mobile Medicare services are maintained for consultation treatement etc., for health care of the aged persons. Since the family finds it hares to take the aged persons to Medical Centres at distant places, there is no doubt that the Ned for assistance for geriatric disabilities is more acute amongst the poverty striket elderly population. Under this program, The centre offers mobile medical services at Bangalore North District. The elderly people can register their names through Telephone No 3486044. Presently it serves for more than 1000 elderly people at Bangalore North District. WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT Women and Children constitute roughly two thrids of our total population. These two sections and the burden of age-old social biases, therefore the organization has taken up much needed impetus to the all round development of women and Children ADOPTION Adoption of One Poor Destitute/Disabled Child per year Rs. 6000/- Adoption of one Poor /Destitute/Disabled Elder (Aged Rs. 6000/- over 60 Years) per year. Adoption of One Poor Destitute/Disabled Child per month Rs.500/- Adoption of one Poor /Destitute/Disabled Elder (Aged Rs.500/- over 60 Years)per Month. Sathynarayana Pooja one every Poornima (FULL MOON DAY) Rs.501/- Guru Prasad on every Thursday Rs.251/- PRASADAM WILL BE SENT BY POST APPEAL NEW BLOCK FOR THE AGED The approved Project Cost estimate about Rs.50 lakhs for construction of the NEW BLOCK FOR THE AGED with all facilities and suitable infrastructure, Health Care and Nutrition at Shri Dattatreya and Sai Baba Mandir Premises, Metipalya, Tavarekere-Sondekoppa Road, Bangalore South Taluk. 1. Any Donor donating Rs.5,00,000/- and above will be hounoured by display of the Donor Photo graph at one of the four wings in the proposed two blocks in addition to the display of the Donor Photograph and a granite stone indicating the donation.. 2. Any Donor donating Rs.1,00,000/- and above will be hounoured by display of the Donor Photo graph and a gran ite stone indicating the donation for TWO BED WARD. 3. Any Donor donating Rs.75,000/- and above will be hounoured by display of the Donor Photo graph and a gran ite stone indicating the donation for ONE BED WARD. 4. The Names of Dorors Donating Rs.10,000/- and above will disaplayed on a granite stone at a prominent locations in the DONATION FORM HELP THE POOR & HELPLESS Yes, I would lie to donate a lump sum of ..................................................... .................................................. towards the project. Yes, I would like to sponser the poor & the helpless and I enclose a contribution of Rs/$/.................................................................................................. Yes, I would like to contribute................................................................ My Demand Draft/Cheques is enclosed :- Mr/Ms. ............................................................................................. Address.............................................................................................. Pin code:............................................................................................ Country.............................................................................................. Phone...............................................e-mail Demand Drafts/cheques may please be made payble to:- SHATHASHRUNGA VIDYA SAMSTHE (DONATIONS TO SHATHASHRUNGAVIDYA SAMSTHE ARE TAX EXEMPTED UNDER SECTION 80-G OF THE INDIAN INCOME TAX ACT, 1961) AND REGISTERED UNDER F.C.R.A SRI SHATHASHRUNGA VIDYA SAMSTHE SHIRDI SAI MANDIR, SAI MANDIR ROAD, KAMAKSHIPALAYA EXTENTION, BANGALORE - 560 079. KARNATAKA, SOUTH INDIA. HA NAGAVENAMMA (HON.GEN.SECRETARY)

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