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Mission Statement

Our Mission
We prepare our students for college through a rigorous, arts-infused program.



We are a national nonprofit network of charter schools that serves a predominantly low-income, minority population.

LHA distinguishes itself as a charter management organization (CMO) using an arts-infused, K-12 college prep program. LHA is the only CMO that offers a truly replicable, K-12, multi-state, arts-infused model through financially sustainable schools.

Our mission is to prepare students for college through a rigorous, arts-infused program.

Why does Lighthouse Academies exist?
We exist because there is a staggering achievement gap in America today that results in lifetime income inequalities that significantly impact the quality of life of a disproportionate number of people of color.

How do we plan to overcome the Achievement Gap?
We will overcome the achievement gap by providing a rigorous and engaging arts-infused program, organizationally and financially viable schools, highly effective teachers, relentless school leaders, and a pervasive culture of achievement and respect amongst students and staff.

Our Theory of Change
We will demonstrate that a nonprofit charter management organization (CMO), with a small amount of startup capital, can become a self-sustaining operator of high quality schools in a multi state environment. The organization will serve as a model for increasing the number of CMO’s that can reach sustainability quickly with a small amount of capital, thus increasing the capacity to start more high quality charter schools throughout the country. More high quality schools will prepare more children for college and improve public education.

Products and Services

Our Brand

The Lighthouse is a symbol of hope and security. Our mission gives hope to parents for a brighter future for their children. Lighthouse Academies has built a brand around the belief that an arts-infused education program that is designed to increase student engagement, along with a strong social curriculum and culture, will result in academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Our Core Values

Our programs, systems and procedures reflect these core values:

- Work hard. Get smart. Graduate from college.
- High expectations equal results.
- Nothing less than excellence.
- Today is the day we make it happen.

Our Core Beliefs

We share the following fundamental beliefs about our work:
- All children deserve access to excellent public schools.
- All children can achieve at high levels.
- The infusion of the arts into the core curriculum increases student engagement and helps develop a deeper understanding of core concepts, ultimately leading to increased student achievement.
- More family participation is better. Families have a lot to offer us.
- Every dollar we spend on overhead is a dollar unavailable to our schools.

Our Core Competencies

- We are a team of social entrepreneurs dedicated to using our talents to transform children’s lives.
- We offer a Pre K -12 college prep program
- We operate our schools solely off the per pupil money that follows the child. The range varies by state from $5,770 to $13,500 per student.
- We operate in a multi state environment working with nine different authorizers in seven states and the District of Columbia.
- We open multiple schools in several locations simultaneously
- We develop school facilities for our schools.


The LHA network is made up of schools in the following locations:

  • Bronx, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • East Chicago, IN
  • Gary, IN
  • Detroit, MI
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Jacksonville, AR
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Pine Bluff, AR
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Washington, DC



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