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Mission Statement

Building Stronger Communities through Telecommuting


Telecommuting mitigates travel and therefore mitigates the impact of spatial separation. If you provide a Suite of Telecommuting Services that supports your activities electronically you can live anywhere while simultaneously putting people back into our neighborhoods and small towns.

Teleworkers seek social interaction- if they don't get it during the work process they will engage in church, school and other community activities after work. This is a great opportunity for our non-profit community to capitalize on!

Employers that employ STRATEGIC telework become more profitable, reduce facilities (and their emissions) and reduces trips (reducing accidents, energy consumption and emission release).

Telework begins the paradigm shift and moves us closer to the Information Age. In many policy and operational arenas we remain locked in the Industrial mindset.

Tele-Commuter Resources has developed the Distributed City Model that discusses the evolution from our politically defined urban regions to an integrated urban-rural economic service area. At the core is telework. We have built tools and strategies for employer based deployment of telework that aggregate into a regional deployment plan.

Though we are still striving to prove the theories and the value of our tools, there is no question that our direction is right and our hoped for results are inevitable.

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by Leona Mae L. (2010-08-26 19:59:53.0)
Their philosophy makes sound sense. It helps the earth, the people of the earth, and conserves resources. WOW! I'm in!