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Mission Statement

The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (E.A.B.I.C.) was established on March 1st. 1958, by Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards, to bring forth Freedom, Redemption, and International Repatriation for the sons and daughters of Africa, who are still held in forced servitude and mental slavery even after nearly two centuries of emancipation and the supposed end of slavery. The E.A.B.I.C. Church of Salvation promotes natural healthy lifestyles through conscious adhering vigorously to the Melchezedek Righteous order of peace and love observing the Sabbath with all the other laws of Moses and Christ.

The Woman's Freedom Liberation League addresses the Issues of the Woman and children within the African Diaspora, and establishes upright principles governing the behavior and functioning of the family.


The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress promotes and advocate for African redemption through human rights. We also provide the community with hunger relief programs, human rights education, etc.



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by Ryan B. (2010-09-26 05:15:59.0)
I would recommend this organization to anyone looking to be a strength for the upliftment of those less fortunate. This organization (EABIC) has proven to be a genuine resource for those who have been disenfranchise by the system of government that only promotes discrimination, segregation, and economic turmoil through a broken system of capitalism. This organization reaches out to the poor and have nots, those who have ostracized simply because of economic status, level of education or even ethnic identity. I have witness a counseling session that have effected the heart of an individual to turn away from the street life and gang violence that he was involved in for most of his life. I have seen a tremendous unity among the organization members, whom displayed their integrity to helping others. The organization genuinely displays love for their cause which is for the hungry be fed, the naked be clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for. Great works.