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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The mission of Santa Maria is to empower women and their families to lead healthy, successful, productive and self-fulfilling lives.


Treatment of women and their children who suffer from the effects of alcohol and drug use.

Women and Addiction:

Drug and alcohol addiction can have disastrous and irreversible physical and emotional effects, not only on women, but on their children as well.

Women with substance abuse problems have more barriers to treatment due to lack of economic resources, transportation, housing and child care. Santa Maria has been very successful in preventing and minimizing the effects of substance abuse on women and their children by providing a comprehensive continuum of care

We Believe:

Santa Maria's commitment to a comprehensive continuum of care allows staff to identify and address signs of crisis and relapse risk factors, increasing opportunities for intervention prior to the client relapsing or causing harm to herself or her children.



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by Devin Q. (2013-12-10 07:22:05.0)
Most service opportunities are well known and consequently, you are just another volunteer - amongst the dozens of others - to help the event staff. The Santa Maria Hostel is not one of those community service opportunities. The staff was able to socialize without interrupting the work that the volunteers were doing. They politely gave ideas as to what they had envisioned the decorations would look like, while still leaving room for creativity. The sponsor of this event, Mrs. Pamela, was very pleasant and extremely grateful for the work that the groups had done. She thanked my group as we finished and enlightened us by speaking of her establishment and assuring my group that our service had not been overlooked. The patients of this facility were overjoyed to see the decorations and they individually thanked my group as they walked out of their rooms. Mrs. Pamela followed up our service with an email, thanking each of the subgroups that my group was divided into, for their work! -Devin