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Mission Statement

In developing countries such as US, Japan, and Europe, youths are exposed to drugs and crime. In third world countries, youths walk on a depraved path due to religious corruption, poverty, political chaos, confusion of values. etc. A group of prominent Christian world leaders recognized that although these troubled youths come from different societies, they all stumbled in the face of difficulties due to their weak minds.

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) was established to develop youths with strong minds so they can overcome hardships in their life. Moreover IYF's mission is to develop leaders of the future through three core values. Challenge - raising leaders of the next generation to overcome challenges and limitations. Change - instilling a healthy mindset that allows students to break free from themselves and experience true change in their lives. Cohesion - broadening the hearts and minds of students to share their hearts with others and unite under one spirit of cohesion.


International Youth Fellowship was established in 1995 by global Chrisitan leaders who recognize the problems youth face today. International Youth Fellowship currently develops youths today with three main programs - Education, Volunteerism, and World Camps.

The Education Program consists of the IYF Academy where students learn from professors, artists, and scientists in various fields. The Mahanaim University was established in New York and offers students programs in English, Music, and Good News Theology. Each program is tailord to challenge students to attain academic excellence while instilling in them a mindset of service. For younger troubled students, IYF established Lincoln House School. This school was originally founded in South Korea for high school students with serious behavior problems and created an environment where these students become academically elite and well versed in the arts and sciences.

The Volunteer Program consists of the Good News Corp, Good News Medical Volunteers, Culture Explosion, and Community Service. In these programs, students and professionals are sent worldwide to volunteer in over 70 countries and share their services to the host countries. In return, they learn about about many different cultures and the heart of the people around the world.

The World Camp program is a week long event held in many different countries worldwide. In 2010, world camps are held in 28 different countries. World camp is a place of diverse cultural fellowship and union among college students from all over the world, going beyond the barriers of culture and language. The World Camp consists of a leadership symposium, cultural performances, team building and touring.



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