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Mission Statement

Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow) has studied many organizations and their methods used in addressing child trafficking issues. Almost every organization we've encountered is focused on rescuing victims. While we support all worthy endeavors in this cause, research indicates funding efforts to support the deterrence and eliminate the demand fueling this heinous crime is most effective.

Rescuing child victims, while important and essential, does nothing to stem the tide of child trafficking. Economic principals prove that supply is a byproduct of demand. When demand goes up, so too does the supply to meet that demand. Conversely, if the demand goes down, then so too will the supply. As long as these predators buy and exploit children, there will continue to be a market and a demand for them. SCTNow's philosophy is to give its undivided attention to the demand side.

For these reasons, and based upon years of study, research, advice and counsel, SCTNow has chosen to fund a bold, new approach--one that addresses demand--by targeting child predators for prosecution and conviction. The key is in identifying predators to arrest, charge, prosecute and convict. To do this, we must investigate and gather sufficient evidence...then sentencing must be commensurate with the crime after the conviction.

Only a limited number of convictions worldwide have occurred over the last decade. Bringing successful convictions against predators and traffickers will act as a deterrent to, or greatly deter, predators. A persistent focus on perpetrators is the key to Stop Child Trafficking Now!


SCTNow has launched it's 2010 Nation-wide Walk Campaign in an effort to end child slavery. Communities from around the United States are walking together the weekend of October 2-3, 2010 to Stop Child Trafficking Now! Last year on, September 26-27, 2009, over 8,000 individuals, corporations, religious organizations, communities and student groups came from all over to participate in the inaugural Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk! This global event occurred in 39 communities, and involved students from over 80 college campuses. The successful event raised over $600,000 to end child slavery. Click hereto see a list of the top 2009 SCTNow Walk Fundraisers.

Please join us as a walker or volunteer in Boston! Together, we can put an end to slavery! Sign up for walks will begin in April 2010.



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