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Mission Statement

Project Compassion is a Christ Centered organization whose primary purpose is to share God's love by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of all people through outreaches.


Project Compassion operates by responding to the personal invitation of a local church or missonary within a developing country. The clinic is used as an evangelistic outreach to their community. It has proven to be an effective and positive influence on the community and is considered a valuable resource to those that work in developing nations. The experience also provides a potentially life changing encounter for the volunteers that may deepen the mission awareness and encourage further participation.

Through a strong network of dedicated individuals, we are able to bring our proven and invaluable service directly to the point of need. Most often the clinic site are in very rural and remote locations where medical care is limited or inaccessible.

All volunteers are used to run a full-functioning clinic, regardless of the volunteer's career experience. A medical background is not essential, as we draw from the talents and knowledge of each individual. The environment varies with each country we visit, and we have conducted clinics in both churches and schools, local clinics and orphanages, and are even completely functional in open fields with mud-walled thatched-roof huts!

Accommodations vary from trip to trip and range anywhere from five star hotels to sleeping in hammocks as guests of indigenous people. Likewise the team meals can provide a flavor of adventure. Some are taken from wonderful local restaurants, with items not available in the U.S. Other times meals are cooked over an open fire in the middle of a jungle. One thing is for sure: Every time, it is an experience!

Our clinic can be set up in approximately thirty minutes, even in the most remote locations. We provide all equipment needed to obtain vital statistics on each visitor and supplies necessary for the physicians to perform examination/diagnoses. We also provide a fully stocked pharmacy to fill the prescriptions written by the examiners. Clinic logistics provides for private individual examination with the physicians, as well as one-on-one sharing in the Prayer and Counseling area.

Project Compassion has proven to be an effective and positive influence on those we visit, and is considered a valuable resource to those that work in developing nations. Our services are open to all without prejudice, and all services and pharmaceuticals are provided at no charge: There are no exceptions. The talents required from volunteers are quite varied, but the most valued element is a compassionate heart.



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