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Mission Statement

Children need hope, understanding and compassion to learn and reach their full potential. The St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association helps children by giving them the education and support necessary to be successful.


Not every child learns the same way. Many children struggle in the classroom and beyond because of a learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These problems may manifest themselves in a number of ways: poor test performance, difficulty telling time, poor motor coordination, slowness in completing work, difficulty with reasoning or problem solving, poor memory or inappropriate or impulsive behavior.

Left untreated, 37.8% of children with learning disabilities often sustain emotional and psychological problems, are far more likely to fall victim to substance abuse and are more apt to get in trouble with the law. However, with the correct intervention, these children thrive in the classroom and lead productive and successful lives.

The St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association helps students with LD, ADHD, autism and all atypical learning and behavior styles. We offer a wide range of programs and services to achieve targeted solutions for each child and his or her family. These include:

Crisis Intervention
Cognitive Educational Evaluation
Educational Consultations
One-on-One Tutoring
Study Skills Classes
Early Childhood Outreach Program
Speech & Language
Professional Development
Educational Coaching
Individualized ACT & SAT Preparation
Summer College Advocacy Training

Making a Difference in the life of:

A child... "My middle school daughter is finally off to a great start in 7th grade after so many years of struggling. The summer workshop on study skills taught her how to advocate for herself and use the techniques that work for her own learning style."

A family... "St. Louis Learning Disabilities helped bring sanity and joy back to our household. Our children were struggling in school. Our relationship with our children was practically gone. We received guidance from numerous doctors, but no one was able to help. Finding St. Louis LDA was a breath of fresh air."

A community..."LDA has been a force of support for our Head Start Program and our families. St. Louis LDA has provided intervention strategies to be implemented by our classroom teachers with children who have potential delays. Our teachers would be lost without St. Louis LDA."


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