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Mission Statement

We introduce a unique concept in providing access to arts information in and around the San Fernando Valley, the northwest region of the County of Los Angeles, California.

Our mission is to support the appreciation and the growth of culture and the arts.

Our goals are first to provide technical assistance to augment development and growth of artists, performers and other arts-related groups. We also strive to promote cultural interaction and networking of business, religious, cultural, educational and service groups with elected leaders and with other public officials.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance
Requests for scholarship or financial assistance, which supports the mission of the San Fernado Valley Arts Council, may be submitted anytime. However, grants will be awarded when the SFVAC board determines that funding is available.


The San Fernando Valley Arts Council has been a 501 (C) (3), non-profit corporation since 1973 and has provided programs and services for youth, seniors and the disabled since 1969.

The SFV Arts Council has served as fiscal receiver for emerging arts organizations such as the the Friends of the Madrid Theater. Prior to the construction of the theater, SFVAC participated in the feasibility study which was an essential element of the Madrid project.

The SFV Arts Council has supported the Arts in Education Aids Council which recently received their 501 (C) (3) status. This Council was another emerging Arts related organization that the SFVAC assisted by serving as fiscal receiver.

The SFVAC became a part of the Arts Partners program in 1996, which administered the Encino Media Center and offered animation classes to high school students in partnership with the California Institute of the Arts. They operated a photography darkroom at the center as well. The California Community Foundation gave a grant to the Media Center to participate in a photography project for high school students.


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