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Mission Statement

Compass Family Services helps homeless families and families at imminent risk for homelessness to achieve housing stability, economic self-sufficiency, and family well-being. The Agency's Goals: To assist families in securing and maintaining permanent housing To address barriers to economic self-sufficiency through employment services To support the healthy development of children and families through enriched childcare and parent education To address mental health and substance abuse problems through individual and group counseling To provide leadership for the investigation and amelioration of issues facing homeless and very low-income families


Compass Family Services is widely recognized for its superior service and proven results. Each year, it fills the diverse needs of nearly 5,000 low-income and homeless parents and children. Chosen as the Best Non-Profit Organization in the Bay Area in 2006, Compass has a commitment to growth that begins with staff and extends to clients. Its investment in families helps break the cycle of homelessness for generations to come.

Deeply rooted in the community, Compass applies its vast understanding of homelessness to the challenges at hand. Compass Family Services not only helps meet needs for immediate assistance, but also moves clients toward self-sufficiency. By maintaining high, yet realistic, expectations, Compass instills a sense of pride and partnership in the families it serves.

Comprehensive programs and services provide the safety net that homeless and at-risk families need to rebound from financial setbacks and achieve long-term stability. They include adult education and homelessness prevention, counseling, early childhood education, housing and shelter.


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Would you recommend Compass Family Services?

by Blandine A. from San Francisco, CA (2019-02-23 17:56:08.0)
Compass Family Services' programs make a difference. They really help homeless and at risk family to get back on their feet with structured services that cover all the needs from housing to child care, therapy or education. Most families then become self sufficient. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Great organization to volunteer for if you want to make an impact!
by Jessica H. from San Francisco, CA (2013-05-16 17:40:23.0)
Compass Family Services works directly with the most vulnerable families in San Francisco. They have been around for nearly 100 years. They are extremely competent, passionate, and dedicated.
by Juan O. (2013-05-15 08:52:50.0)
Agency deign is comprehensive and thoughtful. Service delivery takes in consideration family's challenges and the trauma they have experienced in their life. Professional staff who are caring and supportive.
by Sara L. (2013-05-09 17:50:50.0)
Compass is one of the finest non profits that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The staff are extremely dedicated and loyal, the leadership is top notch, the board is active and competent, they are thrifty but provide excellent services, they are great to volunteers and value them highly.