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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Helping social visionaries create a better and more just world through fiscal, legal and administrative sponsorship.

Purpose Statement

Visions Made Viable is a Christian organization that seeks to demonstrate the love of God through encouraging important and practical social change. We're committed to partnering with people of good will, regardless of their backgrounds, who have innovative ideas for making the world a better place and a genuine commitment to improve the lives of others.

Target Outcomes

Visions Made Viable partners with change agents to promote spiritual transformation, social and economic justice, community development, relief services, human rights, and the opportunity to live in a healthy and sustainable environment.


Visions Made Viable is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to serving social visionaries and social entrepreneurs as they tackle the great challenges that face our local communities and our world. We believe solving those challenges requires new ideas and a variety of approaches. And we're convinced that creative innovators will supply those ideas and approaches if they get the support they need. Social entrepreneurs, missionaries, community activists and other creative and committed people hold the key to a better and more just world.

Visions Made Viable (www.visionsmadeviable.org) serves those change agents by offering a sophisticated legal, fiscal and administrative home. New projects can take advantage of our administrative services and non-profit status so they can focus more quickly on the mission at hand rather than on the often laborious process of building administrative capacity, while at the same time offering their donors the potential for tax deductable contributions. We also provide coaching and training that help new efforts grow and succeed. VMV acts as an incubator for some projects by building their capacity so they can spin off into independent non-profits. For others, we provide a long term non-profit home and ongoing help to build their capacity. And for still others, we provide administrative support for already existing non-profits who want to focus on their mission rather than on administrative red tape.

Since there appear to be no large or active Christian fiscal/legal/administrative sponsors in the United States at this time, Visions Made Viable will operate alone in this market niche. Without any formal marketing effort, within six months of formation, Visions Made Viable signed contracts with three projects and enabled significant social change efforts to begin.

Visions Made Viable takes advantage of consolidation of effort and economies of scale on behalf of social entrepreneurs and their financial supporters with one sound and solid administrative umbrella supporting multiple social change efforts that can all focus on their mission rather than maintaining their organizational infrastructure. This is VMV's underlying 'value proposition,' a value added that should always be welcome but perhaps never more so than at a time of shrinking resources available to non-profits.

Visions Made Viable creates operating funds by charging 10% overhead fees on all deposits for projects. We currently operate through the volunteer efforts of a board of five members, two of which are unpaid staff. We've been able create a large enough revenue stream at this early stage of our development to sustain basic operational expenses for payroll, administration, basic coaching and training, and minimal levels of liability insurance. We plan to aggressively seek growth which will allow us expand our services and pay staff to further broaden our outreach and impact, an effort we believe is critically important at a time when the need for new approaches to social change is so pressing.



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