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Mission Statement

American Century Music (ACM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting the orchestral, chamber and solo repertoire by 20 th century American composers. ACM works independently as well as in collaboration with arts, civic and educational institutions across the United States focusing on live performances, recordings, seminars, publications, and web-based information.


ACM’s primary goal is to bring the works of 20th century American composers to a wider public through live performance. Many organizations perform the works of new, emerging American composers. ACM is innovative in that it focuses on the large breadth of repertoire by American composers of the 20 th century. While the names and pieces of Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, and Leonard Bernstein may be well known, those of David Diamond, Roy Harris, Walter Piston, William Schuman and Roger Sessions, to name a few, are not. These composers, along with many others, came to embody an "American Voice" that deserves to be heard as an integral part of the country's cultural identity.

Operated out of Boston, ACM's organizational structure allows for more flexibility, targeted use of funds, and geographic mobility than other performing arts organizations. This is possible through a small administrative and creative team that partners and/or contracts with existing arts organizations, orchestras, chamber ensembles, and soloists.

ACM offers three "tracks" of programming suitable to the varying needs and interests of its partners. Scott Parkman leads performances and Robert Pound provides in-depth commentary and program notes for audiences. ACM embraces traditional and innovative types of concert formats, such as mixing chamber/solo repertoire on the same program with larger orchestral pieces. It also enhances its program offerings with a strong devotion to education in support of reaching new audiences of young people and adults.

ACM seeks funding from large and small individual donors, memberships, as well as sponsorships and grants from foundations and corporations. A collaborative model is stressed by ACM as an efficient financial approach. Partnering with existing arts organizations (i.e. orchestras, chamber ensembles) reduces ACM's institutional overhead costs and channels more funds directly in programming.

ACM aims to develop performing partners, advisors, and donors in different geographical regions throughout the United States. ACM's website (in construction) offers informational and interactive content as well as builds ACM's online community.



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