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Remineralize the Earth, Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate

Cause Area

  • Environment
  • International


152 South StreetNorthampton, MA 01060 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Remineralize the Earth promotes the regeneration of soils and forests worldwide with finely ground rock dust as a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, creating fertile soils much as the Earth does. Not only do we need to recycle and return the organic matter to the soil, it is equally vital to return all of the mineral nutrients which create fertile soils and healthy crops and forests.


An international NGO that networks information and research on soil remineralization to gardeners, farmers, ecological activists, scientists, policy makers and the aggregate and stone producers whose by-product is a source of remineralization; to promote further research and projects, from small to large, cooperative to businesses that would benefit and create a healthier environment. We have a website with an online magazine, forum, research, and many other resources.


Would you recommend Remineralize the Earth, Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate?
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by Meghan W. (February 17, 2022)
Working with Joanna and the volunteers at RTE has been a wonderful experience. It brings me so much joy to be part of such a passionate group of people, dedicated to sustainability and environmental justice. I have served in a variety of roles at RTE, and I recommend getting involved in this organization in any way -- there are no small ways to make a difference!
by Debra P. (April 15, 2021)
I've been volunteering for Remineralize the Earth for a few months now and really enjoy it. My volunteer work as a science writer with RTE has given me the opportunity to hone my skills and learn new subject matters. The people at RTE have been very professional and supportive.
by Katherine R. from Greenfield, MA (November 20, 2018)
Remineralize the Earth has been a grateful experience in not only my professional but personal life as well. It has given me the opportunity to explore and improve my skills. Also, but most importantly has taught me the importance behind the aim they are seeking to achieve which is making the world a better place to live and that is something that I want to participate in as well. I am very happy to have gotten the chance to contribute alongside this organization.
by Ziqi Z. (October 30, 2018)
I've been working with RTE for a while, mainly dealing with the translation and localization of its website. RTE members are very professional and Joanna is always there to help and respond to your requests. I highly recommend this organization to whoever wants to make a difference in the environment field or whoever wants to join a big family with members all over the globe.
by Diandrea B. from AL (October 30, 2018)
Remineralize the Earth is a small but passionate organization that has spearheaded the remineralization movement. Volunteering here is an excellent opportunity to impact the future of environmentalism, agriculture, and sustainability. I highly recommend it!
by Laura K. from Glenbrook, NV (March 16, 2017)
I believe in Remineralize The Earth's mission very much. Living in Tahoe the clarity and well being of this beautiful alpine lake is on the rise back to what it once was but is still battling clarity issues and algae growth. One of the main culprits is synthetic fertilizers. The extra nitrogen and phosphorus along with road runoff and global warming have wreaked havoc on this lake. I believe in RTE's advocacy and education on using rock dust to restore our abused depleted soils to increase yields as well as reduce excess co2. One of the best things humans can do is "leave the earth a better place" than we found it. RTE is doing that and as long as they do I am right there volunteering with this org.
by Diana H. (March 16, 2017)
What a wonderful cause. Joanna and crew are always wonderful to work with and their dedication to this important work is inspiring. It is nice to volunteer with people so unselfishly dedicated to improving the earth.
by Carissa V. from FL (March 15, 2017)
Great nonprofit to work with. I appreciate the availability and communication with the Executive Director. It has been great to have her support and guidance to expand the nonprofit's purpose in the state that I live in, going beyond my purpose of grant writing.
by Zu Dienle T. (July 11, 2016)
I just started volunteering with RTE and already it has been a great experience. The schedule is very flexible, and I got to pursue what I am interested in - mainly, sustainable agriculture development and science writing. What is great is the amount of support RTE provides in honing your skills. I didn't have a lot of experience writing articles and conducting interviews, but Joanna was very helpful and encouraging. Definitely a good organization to volunteer for!
by Omid A. from AX (July 26, 2015)
RTE is a great organisation to work for with a friendly and enthusiastic team. I strongly recommend working for them and being a part of their important mission to promote sustainability through remineralization. They can offer you invaluable work experience for a worthwhile cause - volunteer now!
by Miranda C. (July 5, 2015)
I have been working with Remineralize the Earth (RTE) for one year, and this has been a great experience! Our team is made of committed and professional volunteers, who work towards promoting remineralization and sustainable agriculture. At RTE we adopt a collaborative approach, gathering people from many countries and various backgrounds in order to build exciting projects! Personally, this opportunity has enabled me to network with researchers, investors and government officials in many areas related to sustainability. I have also developed skills to work with team members exclusively over the computer- given that we are all in different parts of the world, we need to have creative strategies to build cohesion, synergy and engagement. The work is motivating and inspiring: we spread the knowledge about an effective, affordable and readily available technology that can produce more food, reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere, and save water!
by Ray L. (July 17, 2016)
I have been working with Remineralize The Earth for 2.5 years now, and I can honestly say it has been one of my best decisions ever. I joined as a volunteer webmaster, and I couldn’t be happier to put my interests in website design/development while helping a wonderful cause in remineralization at the same time! The atmosphere is always very friendly, the Executive Director is wonderful, and I have picked up so many communication and teamwork skills along the way. Although I was unfamiliar with remineralization when I first joined, it didn’t take me long for me to immerse myself in their mission of one day making remineralization known and utilized throughout the world. In addition to helping with website maintenance since I started my work with RTE, I have started using remineralization in my family vegetable garden, started initiatives at my high school to promote remineralization, and conducted independent research on it.
by Mimi- V. (August 7, 2014)
The executive Joanna Campe is a wonderful person to work with! She is a great team builder, and is always looking for opportunities to match the work we do for RTE with our own career path. So volunteering for RTE is a great way to do good, to increase your team-working skills, and to advance your career goals.
by Kacie D. (September 29, 2013)
This organization has a very devoted administration with a simple yet brilliant vision of how we can solve a major issue in the world today. You get to work with a variety of people and on projects that take place all over the world. If you are willing to commit the time and energy, the executive director is beyond appreciative. She also works with your individual schedule. This is an organization that deserves devoted volunteers.
by Robert K. (October 13, 2010)
Remineralize the Earth is a lively, dedicated organization that will make the most of your time and talents. RTE combines science, research, and real-world experience to offer a holistic, effective approach to sustainable agriculture. This organization enables you to employ and develop your skills while making a real contribution toward a safer, healthier world.
by Wenlu Z. from Amherst, MA (October 1, 2010)
I would highly recommend this organization for people who feel passionate about the planet and interested in helping sustain the environment. The team is very professional, responsive and committed to what they are doing. The web-based project management system that we use not only creates an effective work environment but also encourages collaboration among all volunteers across the world. It would be a great place to make a difference and at the same time to practice your skills.
by Pedro Antonio R. from GB (August 9, 2010)
I would definitely recommend volunteering with Remineralize the Earth. Ever since I joined, I have had the chance to gradually develop my skills in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I have not only learnt a lot about writing and translating, but about ecology and the huge importance that remineralization has in the future of our soils. Working for RTE offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn, practice your skills and be part of a worthwhile cause.
by Terell R. (June 2, 2009)
I would recommend working with Remineralize the Earth to anyone seeking flexible hours and a welcoming work environment. I've gained so many skills while working with this organization and have seen my own understanding of ecology and the Earth's processes grow tremendously. This is an opportunity that honors your abilities, teaches you, and makes you feel good!
by Kyla F. from Northampton, MA (June 22, 2009)
Working with RTE is great! Working here I can really cater what I do to my schedule and my interests. The atmosphere is flexible and relaxed but vibrant and passionate. The organization is small, but the vision is huge. Anyone who wants to be a part of this vision can be a part of RTE- I encourage all who the mission of remineralization resonates with to take action!
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