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Mission Statement

AfterDark CATV Productions, Inc. is representative of a growing trend in community-based, not-for-profit organizations raising progressive social consciousness.

Its mission is to provide broad exposure and promotion of diverse local arts talent, entrepreneurs and community resources via pre-recorded shows and live events on television and the internet.

AfterDark develops programs in conjunction with local television networks and public service organizations worldwide. Programs are disseminated through public access networks and streaming video on the internet, as well as on television networks overseas.
We invite you to view our productions here and on TV.
Broaden Your Perspective.


Our productions help to provide exposure in the media to local businesses and community resources through interviews, profiles, and coverage. It is a vital tool in encouraging both economic and community development.

AfterDark CATV PRO produces programs shown on the alternative media of P.E.G. (Public, Education, & Government) Access TV and the Internet. Regarding news, we focus on uncovering quotable sources of independent information and facts. We also provide exposure to independent and learned points of view and opinion.

Our productions feature cultural entertainment across all genres of art, from exhibitions, film & video festivals and screenings, to musical and theatrical performances. Galleries, theaters, local businesses, and outdoor festivals are among our locations used as backdrop to our shows.

We also assist in preparing youth for future employment through our media literacy workshops conducted in schools and community centers.



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Would you recommend AfterDark CATV PRO?

by sadegh n. (2010-03-02 16:40:35.0)
AfterDark is a fantastic organization that focuses on world affairs, specifically the Latino culture, promoting local and world wide events and encouraging discussion around institutional policies that affect all of us!
by Felix Leo C. from South Bronx, NY (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-03-02 16:32:40.0)
I have found AfterDark to be creative and sensitive to our mission. They were able to help us visualize the social message of our mission and purpose.