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Mission Statement

Providing educational and recreational activities and opportunities to youth in Detroit according to their interests, initiatives and needs since 1997.


After School

After school we provide tutoring at a local elementary school.

Also we provide informal help with homework. If children have no homework we provide library books, educational games and homework. Free time - games, Internet, arts, life skills. NOTE: The center we used to use is unavailable. The heating unit was stolen from the top of the building among other issues. For now, after school is on the Porch on nice days and when kids need help.


Every year is different, depending on what the kids ask for and what opportunities are available. Summer 2009 included: Tennis, Crafts, Science, Reading with the Detroit Public Library, Swimming, Bowling, Fishing, YouthDay, Healthy Lunches and Snacks, miles of Walking, Teen community service, treasure hunts, and gardening

On The Porch

Informal activities provided on the street chosen by the kids. This could be anything from making sock monkeys, a game of speed or a water balloon fight.

Reading Race

Kids race to read the most pages by the end of summer in partner reading. They participate in the Detroit Public Library's Summer Reading Club. Teens help the younger kids read and get credit for community service in the community service race.

Community Service Race

Kids race to provide the most community service hours and win a prize or trip. Mostly the kids help the other kids in the program.

Off The Porch (Field Trips)

Academic Advocacy

When funding allows, individual youth sign up to get an academic advocate. They are visited once a week at school, their grades are monitored, and they are brought a nutritious and delicious lunch. Advocates are a bridge between school, after-school, and home. Basic needs assistance provided if needed (coats, school supplies etc.)



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