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Mission Statement

Delta Beta Lambda Foundation (DBLF) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of South Carolina. The corporation is organized is organized for the purpose of distributing scholarship awards, providing benevolence to needy children, education programs for children, and educational seminars for adults.


The corporation will be engaged in the following activities, listed below in order of importance.

Scholarship Award (25%) DBLF will award financial assistance scholarships to qualified, selected students who plan to pursue post-secondary education. Each student will select through an application process and review committee. The Board of Directors will serve a review committee until such a time as one may be appointed. DBLF expects to award a minimum two $25,000 Scholarships each year. As the organization’s contributions and investments returns grow, the total number of awards will increase as well.

DBLF scholarship selection will require a student to demonstrate financial need, successful educational achievement to date of application and enrollment in a post-secondary school of learning. Eligibility is however, if student drops below the school’s minimum GPA for a scholastic term, the committee will reassess the student’s eligibility to continue to receive funding for next term (special circumstances will be taken into account). DBLF will require transcripts and completed application from applicants The DBLF Board of Directors will oversee the general operations of this organization.

Technology Awareness (25%) DBLF will host 11/2 hour educational seminars in public venues and community centers for teachers and community center lenders on the benefits of using technology and gaming to further children’s education. DBLF will also speak on how to reach the minority, at risk children in their community and how to supplement funding. Cost is $50 per attendee. This activity will be overseen by the Board of Directors.

Beta Gaming Literacy Program (25%) DBLF will design, develop, and implement games that will increase literacy education of children. Games will be free of cost and distributed to local community centers in low-income areas of served by organization. This activity will be overseen by the Board of Directors.

Benevolence (25%) DBLF will provide free, new computers to community centers in need along with vouchers for internet services. DBLF will also have a Tech-In -A- Bag Giveaway program that will provide low-income students in service areas (kindergarten through high school) with a free Fall and spring technology school supplies and educational tools. Eligibility will be determined based on household income. Families with emergency needs, such as a fire, family crisis, sudden relocation, etc will also be eligible. This activity will be overseen by Board of directors.

Fundraising Plans - No professional fundraising is planned. Funding will be sought through grants and individuals/corporate sponsorship. The Board of Directors and other interested in supporting the work of the organization will develop and implements direct solicitations and grant requests as interest can be identified. No materials are developed at this time. DBLF will host fundraising events, including an annual gaming tournament in 2009, which will help offset the costs of the above mentions activities. There will be an expected 500 participants ranging from ages 7-17.



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