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Mission Statement

Delta Beta Lambda is dedicated to promote brotherhood and sisterhood for a global technology society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership. Our organization aids the individual, builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution, online, local communities and corporations through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship.

LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP -- forged by mutual obligations, oath and ritual, Delta Beta Lambda forms lifelong bonds of trust and friendship which are the foundation of the Fraternity’s mission.

CULTIVATION OF THE INTELLECT -- Delta Beta Lambda membership encourages individual and chapter support of the academic and community service mission and provides opportunities for co-curricular learning and personal growth.

RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP -- Delta Beta Lambda participate in a system of self-governance, bound by trust and responsibility, which nurtures the development of social and leadership skills.

RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL CONDUCT -- Delta Beta Lambda is committed to standards of social conduct which are guided by principles of urbane, civil, courteous and responsible deportment.

COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY -- the experience of being a Delta Beta Lambda encourages men and women to serve their university, fraternal and local and online communities


One: Cultivation of the Intellect

The achievement of intellectual excellence is an enduring object of Delta Beta Lambda life. Scholastic Innovator calls for the implementation of a comprehensive program of mentoring and incentives which will foster academic excellence. Scholastic Innovator sets specific annual chapter goals which relate to the all-member's GPA and the all-fraternity GPA. Perhaps of greater importance, commitment to the cultivation of the intellect in broader terms requires that the life style or culture of the chapter encourage and support academic achievement.

Two: Leadership Development & Self Governance

Implementation of Scholastic Innovator is dependent upon a continuing flow of responsible, innovative and talented leadership. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each chapter to identify future leaders, provide for their education and training, give them progressive leadership experiences, and help them assume positions of leadership within the chapter, the host academic institution and local and online community.

Three: Commitment to Community

The Mission Statement of Scholastic Innovator includes responsible citizenship as a key element. Scholastic Innovator calls for a commitment by the chapter and by each member of the chapter to make a meaningful contribution to his university, fraternal and local, online community. There is flexibility for chapters and members to choose a philanthropic interest and make an investment of time, talent and resources for the benefit of others.

Four: Education for "The Next Generation"

To encourage the development of educational and training systems more in line with the current and future needs of young people and their societies, to share experience and to investigate alternative arrangements, such as informal arrangements for the provision of basic literacy, technology training and lifelong education.

Five: Member Education

Delta Beta Lambda rejects hazing as a part of fraternity life. The Scholastic Innovator initiative emphasizes an educational experience which is morally uplifting and intellectually stimulating. Member orientation and education are aligned with the Mission and Vision of the Scholastic innovator initiative. The education of prospective Delta Beta Lambda members includes an understanding of the Mission, Vision and Goals of the Scholastic Innovator initiative as well as participation in the work plans for implementation. Also required is a knowledge of Delta Beta Lambda history, mission and The Code of Delta Beta Lambda. The ongoing member education program teaches Delta Beta Lambda DEPRITECH program as the critical element of a distinctive and enduring lifelong experience of fraternity life.

Five: Responsible Personal Conduct

Being men and women of principle requires Delta Beta Lambda to live by the highest standards of social conduct. In recognition of the devastating effect that alcohol and illegal drugs have on our organization, the Scholastic Innovator initiative relies on the chapter to introduce and sustain a responsible alcohol management policy in accordance with local laws and rules of the host institution. The elimination of substance abuse through education, intervention, mutual support and progressive sanctions calls for and imposes the highest level of chapter self-governance, monitoring and discipline.

Six: Chapter Advisors

A network of advisors is a chapter resource of inestimable value. Faculty advisors can enrich the intellectual culture of the chapter. Advisors on chapter governance can assist with the administration of chapter affairs. Alumni advisors can help instill a sense of lifelong brotherhood & sisterhood and the importance of that bond to lasting friendships. Scholastic Innovator calls for building a comprehensive plan which attracts and welcomes chapter advisors and then employs those advisors as a team in the programs of implementation

Seven: Member Recruitment

The Mission Statement says that Delta Beta Lambda is dedicated to building members of principle. The process of consistently identifying good men year after year is a critical responsibility of chapter leadership. Scholastic Innovator calls for the implementation of a Delta Beta Lambda Member Recruitment Management system. Member recruitment management is a logical sequence of events. Recruitment through scholarship is a natural element of this goal, as it also relates closely to the cultivation of the intellect of our members.

Eight: Communication

Scholastic Innovator goals and action plans contain multiple references to the need to communicate. This communication is directed toward all of our constituents and is most effective when done proactively. Our primary constituents are: alumni, college faculty, online chapter members , administrators, prospective members and parents. Each of these groups will be interested and involved in the action plans for Scholastic Innovator. Each chapter and the General Fraternity must address the specific communication needs of each constituency.

Nine: Lifelong Fraternal Brotherhood & Sisterhood

It would not be difficult to argue that the goal of lifelong Delta Beta Lambda brotherhood & sisterhood should be the first goal of Scholastic Innovator. It is no less important because it is placed here. Rather, fraternal brotherhood is created and strengthened by the cumulative impact of the Scholastic Innovator initiative. The systemic effect of Scholastic Innovator serves to inspire a unique character of lifelong Delta Beta Lambda membership, one that is tested by the intensity and integrity of effort required for success and enriched by the shared responsibility for achievements that endure.



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