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Mission Statement

Folks who suffer OCD and many other different conditions can often "pass" in society with little or no suspicion. Not so with compulsive hair-pulling (Trichotillomania or "Trich"), which highjacks a person's peace of mind and their looks. Current estimates, there are 1-2 out of 50 living with Trich.

For 1:34 min VIDEO INFO with PHOTOS on YouTube- click here


HelpMe2Stop.org's MISSION is:

  • create awareness for this very little known, yet common disorder {Picture what the breast cancer community is doing for cancer.}
  • provide financially disadvantage Trich Sufferers free or affordable salon treatments to help boost their morale and get them on the road to recovery.
  • to educate schools, families, communities
  • to expose more "hidden" OCD disorders
  • to gain worldwide recognition



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by Idellah A. from PHOENIX, AZ (2010-07-30 08:41:04.0)
Charlene Blacer is a pistol! She was easy to work with and conveyed her needs and requirements clearly and directly. The rest was simple for me. She is very passionate about HM2S and I can see as the organization grows, it will make a BIG impact bringing awareness and relief.