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Mission Statement

Kuumba Horizons Child Development Center, Inc.

2510 East 34 th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218


Email: kuumbahorizons@sbcglobal.net


Kuumba Horizons Child Development Center, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality care and sound educational foundations, by promoting emotional, social, physical and intellectual development for all children, while facilitating the childcare needs of working parents.

Kuumba Horizons Child Development Center, Inc. help the child to achieve a positive self - image. We also encourage the children to express his/her creativity. We help them to sense of responsibility in the respect of the rights of others.

Kuumba Horizons Child Development Center, Inc. admits children of any race, color, disability, national origin. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, handicap, national or ethic origin or sex, in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and its administration of other programs.



Kuumba Horizons Child Development Center, Inc. believes in the development of the "whole" child. We believe that "Children are the reward of life" (an African Proverb) and therefore, must be treasured. We believe that all children need early attention to their physical, social, cultural, cognitive and emotional needs.

Our name "Kuumba" is from the Kiswahili language and means "Creativity". It is also the sixth principle of the Nguzo Saba or the seven Principles of Kwanzaa developed by Dr. Malanna Karenga. Kuumba Horizons is committed to provide a quality education for Black children whose true ancestral history is found on the great continent of Africa. We know that all children are gifted and deserve the opportunity to develop their genius, talents and creativity, thus, our motto is "Creative Learning for Creative Minds". Our goal here at Kuumba Horizons is to provide an environment for our children that will foster their positive growth and development.

We Believe all children are intelligent and gifted and can reach their fullest potential with love, discipline and guidance from caring and competent Mwalium (teachers).

We Believe that academic development should begin early and that children learn through creative hand on experiences that inspire cognitive thinking, fine and gross motor skills, social cultivation and cultural identification.

We Believe that parents and teachers must work, study and plan together for the benefit of the children. We believe we must respect their intelligence by providing children with the opportunity to ask questions, investigate and make decision for themselves when appropriate.

We Believe in building a better future for our children, therefore, we work toward promoting harmony, self-determination, cooperative economics, unity, collective work and responsibility, purpose, creativity and faith in order that they may take their rightful places as leaders in a world of many diverse people and cultures.

We Believe that all children deserve to be respected and protected. We believe that they must be taught to respect self and others, and that this lesson is best learning by having positive adults who exemplify this principle.

We Believe that children must be encouraged to develop their full potential at a comfortable pace. We believe that children will more appreciate their own value and self-worth when they experience the satisfaction of completing what they have begun regardless of its difficulty factor. We believe that constant reassurance of their ability is vital in encouraging this concept.

We Believe as the old African Proverbs says: "IT TAKES A WHOLE VILLAGE TORAISE A CHILD". We believe that this "village" consists of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, ministers, elders, teachers and all those who have a genuine interest in the proper development of our most precious asset, our children.

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