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Mission Statement

College Summit's mission is to increase the college enrollment rate of low-income students by ensuring that every student who can make it in college makes it to college,
and by putting college access "know-how" and support within the reach of every student.


In America today, there isn't a systemic approach to getting all college-ready students to college. Every year, hundreds of thousands of high school students who are "better than their numbers"--who have average test scores and/or grades--but who have clearly demonstrated their potential for college success, fail to make it to college. Data shows that getting into college requires more than solid academic preparation and even adequate financial aid.

The costs are enormous. For each individual: On average, a college graduate earns $1MM more over the course of a lifetime than high school graduates. For each community: College attainment has been proven to be the number one driver of urban economic growth. Nationally: While global economic competition is fought with college-educated skills, the U.S. has dropped from being 2nd in the world among 40 year olds with college degrees to sitting 8th in the world among 20 year olds with college degrees.

College Summit focuses on transition, an often overlooked step in the postsecondary planning process that can be particularly challenging for first-generation college-going students. High-achieving low-income students often lack many of the resources and information available to their more affluent classmates when applying to college, such as test prep courses, college visits, and application guidance. College Summit equips schools so that all students can be supported through this application and transition process. Through innovative school partnerships, College Summit provides educators and students with the right tools, resources and experiences to better navigate the difficult transition from Grade 12 to Grade 13.



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