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Mission Statement

We are a small group of volunteers whose goal is to save the lives of homeless dogs suffering in high-kill shelters. In doing so, we hope to provide an alternative to the purchase of puppy-mill and pet-store dogs, thereby reducing the demand for and ultimately the supply of such dogs. We strive to match each dog with the right family after the dog has been observed in a foster home


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by Sue R. (2010-07-20 07:58:43.0)
I have fostered for AHDR, and it is the most fufilling volunteer work I have ever done. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. It is all about the dogs. They are very thorough in finding homes for the dogs, from home checks, to making sure the dogs are comfortable and happy with all of the new family members to be. The best part is getting the new family pictures with the dogs and the happy ending stories that they send. AHDR loves being able to save dogs from being put down from these high kill shelters and giving them that second chance. I have even adopted one of my foster dogs because she just "fit" right in, and that is what AH does, finds the homes that the dog "fits" into.
by William S. (2010-04-27 19:12:26.0)
If you are looking help homeless dogs and bring joy to people, look no further than Almost Home Dog Rescue. This is a committed, collaborative, and friendly grass roots group that makes things happen. In additon to fostering dogs, there are numerous other ways to help, including transporting and home visitations. There are no performace expectations of the volunteers and no pressure to do anything. Quite the contrary, people are advised of a need, then volunteer to fill it. You can be as active as you wish. In additon to volunteering, I am a benefactor as well. You can make a difference. Most gratifying is the feedback received from the families and individuals who have adopted these dogs, and are so glad that they did adopt. Needless to say, the dogs are happy too.
by Bev B. (2010-04-26 17:54:34.0)
I have been driving for rescue transports for the last 1 1/2 yrs and wanted to become more active with a dog rescue. I met Carolyn on one of the transports and she invited me to join Almost Home's Yahoo Group. Since then I have met many wonderful, friendly, and dedicated volunteers. I have learned a great deal about dogs and dog rescue. It's a rewarding experience to be part of AHDR and to observe the dedicated and selfless acts of its members.
by Erika F. from Hatboro, PA (2010-04-26 07:56:16.0)
I have been a volunteer and foster mom since the inception of Almost Home Dog Rescue March 2008. The core group of members are great and everyone gets alone very well. We are communicative, responsive, considerate, and well organized. All volunteers do their part no matter how small or large and we help each other when needed. If a volunteer has a particular interest or expertise they are encouraged to participate in that direction, if that is what they want to do. No volunteer is consider insignificant - everyone is part of the team. We try to work with new volunteers in responding to their questions and help them when requested. We utilize a Yahoo Group for our forms, events, fundraisers, foster dogs, potential adopters, etc. This is a great organization and I love being a part of ALMOST HOME!
by Ilonka G. (2010-04-25 22:27:23.0)
I am fostering dogs for the Almost Home Dog Rescue and help out with taking photos and videos from our foster dogs. Everyone from the group I met so far is highly dedicated to the mission of rescuing dogs and finding them good homes. The emphasis is on matching the right dog to the right family. Time and money is spend on dogs who need special vet care or training before they can be adopted. I really like the group and commend them on their job.