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Mission Statement

To advance health equity by addressing the root causes of poor health and supporting equal opportunities for good health.



GOAL 1: Advance strategies that address the root causes of poor health. These strategies include the following:

  • Develop initiatives that target the racial, political and socioeconomic barriers to health.
  • Promote the collection of race, ethnicity and primary language data to identify the differences in care and develop targeted interventions to improve the quality of care.
  • Convene key stakeholders to build the space and relationships needed to cooperatively address the institutional and structural barriers to equitable, high-quality care.
  • Support the development of community leaders to inspire, engage and organize people to work toward mutually agreed upon goals.

GOAL 2: Co-create and collaborate in community-driven interventions aimed at eliminating health disparities. The strategies that enable us to meet this goal are to:

  • Create authentic relationships with cultural and ethnic-based communities and their organizations.
  • Serve as a health education and health promotion resource.
  • Support collective action and social change strategies that promote the right and responsibility of the affected community to identify problems and act on solutions.

GOAL 3: Support health care institutions in the development of policies, practices and structures that are welcoming to and respectful of people of different races, cultures, and socioeconomic status. The strategies we will undertake to meet this goal include the following:

  • Assist and/or collaborate with health-care organizations to strategically engage and partner with communities.
  • Expand the capacity of health care organizations to provide culturally appropriate services and remove the barriers to equitable, quality care.
  • Develop powerful relationships with individuals and institutions working on health equity issues.



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by Dan B. (2010-08-22 09:36:19.0)
Volunteers should be hesitant to donate time or resources to this organization. Shortly after taking on the project to rebuild their website, they passed me off to an intern. Communications were slow because everything seemed to require input from several people who did not coordinate. After spending countless hours over 5 months building and rebuilding the site, donating my server space for the testing site, and tolerating several changes in direction that required hours of development time to be thrown out the window, they refused to respect my time and review final changes within the thirty day window I gave them before I removed the site from my testing server. Now, a week after sending a final email requesting approval to put the finished site up, I still haven't received a response. 5 months worth of volunteer time have been wasted, time I could have spent working with a CHARITY that would actually benefit people in my neighborhood. They do not value the time of their volunteers.