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Mission Statement

At Millsaps, we are a diverse campus community with myriad interests and obligations, but we stand united in our desire to be genuine neighbors to those in need. Being good neighbors means developing real, face-to-face relationships. It means going beyond patron-client, or benefactor-recipient, models of relationship toward full and mutual partnership. It involves the recognition that while we have much to offer, we also have much to learn and much to gain. We partner with others and, in so doing, we find ourselves transformed-our world broadened, our lives enriched, our souls quickened. This vision of mutual service and transformation is the heart of 1 Campus, 1 Community.

1 Campus, 1 Community ... your world broadened, your life enriched, your soul quickened. As a member of the Millsaps community, you are already part of this important project. Embrace the possibilities!


1 Campus, 1 Community is a grassroots program that grew out of the Millsaps Faith & Work Initiative, in concert with the Office of the Chaplain, the Volunteer Center, and the Division of Student Life. Its focus is to bring more intentional and efficient community service efforts to K- 12 education and the North Midtown Area in Jackson (defined as the areas lying between Mill St, Woodrow Wilson, West St, and Fortification St).

At its inception, the group decided to involve students in a different way, therein creating the 1C1C Student Roundtable. This Roundtable is comprised of students interested in altruistic and philanthropic activities and meets monthly to discuss the issues of the day, including poverty, hunger, education, health care, financial literacy, and many others.



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