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Mission Statement

We believe that all Togolese everywhere desire the same (or very similar) things: excellent health, wisdom, abundant prosperity and, above all, happiness and freedom. How these very basic constituents of living come about and how a given community perceives what these things mean (even by definition) is what defines the differences between the members of our Global Togolese Family. We cannot simply impose upon a group or a community a comprehensive system and approach that we have found to be feasible (for a given set of objectives), but what we can do is to work with them, assist them, participate with them and share with them what we know and allow them to make the necessary adjustments that are natural for them so as to not disrupt their way of being. This way, they will more naturally assume their place in our Global Togolese Family.

The World Togolese Foundation was founded by a group of concerned Togolese in the United States and has it's headquarter in the State of Georgia where it is incorporated as a nonprofit. The Organization is led by a Board of Directors and an Executive Cabinet that oversees several committees including but not limited to: Development Committee, Education Committee, Health Committee, Science and technology Committee...

We have founded this Organization knowing the limitation of our abilities and the difficult road ahead. However, we believe that when we are face with difficulties and skepticism, we will always remember why we got together in the first place, we will always remember that out of many we are just a small group of Togolese but we are one, united for a common goal.


We all have important values in Life; things we care about, things we love, and things we want to share. Sometime we think that our idea can even change the world. But the WAY WE CARE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The way we care defines our core values, our belief system and our love for our global community and for our Country.

Our mission is to effect change on whatever scale is natural for our resources and capabilities, and to grow at a pace that does not overextend these.

Our goal is to act as a channel in sourcing for solutions at the grassroots level while providing wide range of studies, research and contributing to efforts to growth that are directly or indirectly aimed at reducing the gap in Education, promote social integration and sources of development.



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