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Mission Statement

The la goutte is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to addressing the growing problem of global poverty in the developing world.
We engages entrepreneurs, experts and investors from all over the world to stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth in emerging markets.
We supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.
Through technology, the la goutte is helping low-income people empower themselves. Connected to information , opportunities, advices and helps.
Our overarching mission is to produce job creators rather than job seekers through entrepreneurial education and small business development projects.
Although, our first project is in Morocco, our objectif is to be present in the rest of devloping world, that why our website is accessible in English.


Mission and objective

The La goutte has as an objective to improve the quality of life of people in developping countries . This means that the organisation does not limit itself to just one aspect of aid, but it provides help in several areas, by improving technologie, communication and education.
To realise this objective, the oragnisation grants technical and financial support to people, institutions and social links, without thereby distinguishing by religion, political conviction, race or sex.
La goutte works to reduce global poverty by advancing entrepreneurship among individuals and nonprofits in struggling countries.

Here are five things we do:

Educate: We educate the people of the rich countries to understand the problems of life in developing countries.
Train: We train people in developing countries in the use new technologie by coordinate educated people, expert and poor producers. This increases productivity and improves life quality. We assist local producers families with efficient, processing, marketing and transport.We teach producers families how to use personal computers, and the Internet
Improve: We improve education rate, by using modern production method and new technologie for commercialisation to prove to producers the benefit of the education.
Empower: We participate financialy to small scale businesses. This availability of finance empowers produces and increases their income - because they do not have access to traditional financing.
Cooperate: We cooperate with other organizations and agencies in the introduction of appropriate production practices or advancement in the battle against poverty.

La goutte Works

La goutte 's members and project partners are drawn from the small business, corporate and nonprofit sectors. We forge global alliances with individuals, businesses, universities and organizations that have a stake in targeted projects.
La goutte achieves its mission by forging complementary relationships between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and by linking proven models and resources to eventually alleviate global poverty.
To do this, we are using the power of the internet to facilitate one-to-one connections, remote collaboration that were previously prohibitively expensive.
Our organisation uses 4 principal concept based in the power of the crowd and internet:

1. Crowdfunding
2. Crowdsourcing
3. Remote working
4. Fair Trade

La goutte has always been about helping people help themselves. It governs what projects we undertake, where we do them and what our end goal should be. Our first project is developping beekeping in Morocco and all food processing related to hive product.According to the judgement of the board of the la goutte the different projects , which qualifies for financial support, have to be qualitatively valuable and directly meet the objective of the la goutte.
To be able to guarantee and justify the quality of the spending, opportunities and threats of the different projects will judged in advance. Then the projects are monitored and evaluated. The eventual results of monitoring and evaluating are taken along into the new policy cycle.
Annually the opportunities and threats, and which budgets must come available, will be examined. Then the available money is divided among those projects which make the largest contribution to the general objective of the la goutte.
The la goutte only supports persons, institutions, or social links that are non-profitable.



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