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Mission Statement

Education and Advocacy: Service hurting children and their parents.


The Starfish Alliance is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose goal is to financially support services for children who have been left behind. Children who many people have simply abandoned. Children who need to know that someone really does care about them.



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by Jeff F. (2010-07-23 10:03:27.0)
Starfish Alliance reaches out to those children who are forgotten by society - the abused and neglected. It has been an honor to work with an organization that cares deeply for these children. Camp for 2010 will be starting in a couple of days and I can not wait to join the other volunteers who will do their best to create "positive memories" for these children to remember throughout their lives.
by Clara F. (2010-07-12 11:07:19.0)
This organization is to finance Royal Family Kid's Camp, for abused and neglected children in Franklin County. I have volunteered every year since 2002. It is such a joy to see the kids having the time of their lives and just having fun. Reaching one child at a time and seeing changes in their lives for GOOD. What else can top that??
by Linda O. (2010-07-02 09:35:10.0)
I was introduced to Starfish Alliance via Royal Family Kids Camp in 2006 when I volunteered for my first summer. I planned to work two evenings at camp after working all day. Once I arrived at camp I realized this was no normal summer camp. This was a camp totally focused on giving abused kids Hope, Hope for a Better Future. I ended up going every night after that until midnight each night after working all day. I felt like I didn't want to miss the excitement, the love being shown to the kids and the amazing activities planned each time I was there. The next year I volunteered to create the training materials and train all of the volunteers for that year. I am "Hooked" on camp and Starfish Alliance is the organization that gets the volunteers and the funding for each child and each volunteer to Go To Camp each Summer. Please consider checking out this Wonderful Camp and also Give As Much As You Can so More Kids can attend each year. I Hope you get "Hooked" on Camp Like I am!
by Mike L. (2010-06-28 18:45:37.0)
This is a group of people sacrificing their time to better the lives of some of the most hopeless kids in our society. It is the most impactful thing I've ever done / seen.