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Mission Statement

Service For Peace is an independent nonprofit organization providing service and learning opportunities through community projects which promote transformational and sustainable personal and community development around the world.

We bring together people and partners of diverse faiths, ethnicities, nationalities, generations, and cultures to address profound social needs by discovering commonality and genuine appreciation for differences - all through service.

We believe that peace begins with the inner peace fostered by service to others and that active cooperation provides the foundation and the real hope for peace.


Service For Peace - DC seeks to link people to the chapters, projects and programs local and international.

  • Service We provide service opportunities for personal transformation of relationships. Service For Peace ensures the most efficient and effective use of volunteers through preliminary community surveys determining and prioritizing community needs. We help communities organize meaningful service learning programs that promote local interests and build a culture of service.
  • Peace We bring together people of different cultures, faiths, ethnicities, nationalities, and generations so that they can find commonality and build friendship through working together for the common good. Peacemaking is not only a goal, but a PATH. This includes an internal dimension (internal sense of Peace) as well as the external aspects. Active cooperation, not tolerance alone, offers the real hope of peace. Our service projects are designed to lay the foundation of connectedness and offer a purpose of peace for the future.
  • Learning We provide training in the areas of leadership, community development and peace building. While programs and activities are a tangible part of Service For Peace programs, it is the lessons that are learned from the experience that are actually the major objective. Our outcome-driven programs allow us to offer self-agency opportunities as a result.
  • Diversity From urban to suburban communities, Service For Peace promotes a greater understanding for all participants by breaking down barriers. By providing opportunities for diverse groups of volunteers and partners to work together to address the profound needs of others, we provide a relational base and natural forum for cooperation and friendship.
  • Leadership Service for Peace follows a collaborative leadership model in which different sectors, organizations and individuals work together to address community issues. We believe that communities need leaders who can help citizens face common problems and who are willing and able to work together with other organizations to fulfill a common agenda, and promote social change. Service For Peace works to develop leaders in all sectors of the community, including sectors that may normally be excluded from the decision making process, thus promoting valuable, fresh perspectives.
  • Transformation Our approach to peace can best be described as transformational. Rather than focusing on the immediate cause of the conflict, tension or alienation, this approach considers the situation very broadly. In many situations of tension or conflict, relationships are more important than immediate issues. Service For Peace takes note of those issues, but will also look at opportunities for increased respect and understanding.
  • Community Our transformational approach allows us to easily build relationships and maintain ongoing communications within a constituency base. Our service programs offer emotionally rewarding experiences for everyone involved, from volunteers to the community itself. Our goal is to ensure that the various projects fulfill a recognized and urgent need. Upon completion, we want to make sure that the results are positive and have a lasting impact on the community served.
  • Partnership Service For Peace continues to reach underserved populations by forming partnerships with agencies that serve such groups. At the same time, Service For Peace offers sustainable service opportunities for corporate sponsorships. To strengthen grass roots efforts Service For Peace provides technical support and assessment measuring positive community change and helping to build capacity and sustainability.



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