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Mission Statement

The act of renovating a park is the reflection of the love of a community for it's cultural landscape. "Blind" Boone park was originally built for the black community during segregation(1954). Many wonderful memories were made there, and the history of the area is rich. We propose to protect this history and embark on a future that is respectful of the past. J.W. "Blind" Boone was a beloved member of our community who, blind and of mixed race, succeeded in working past many physical, cultural and economic limitations to become a famous concert pianist. Traveling the world, he did not spend time lamenting these barriers, but went beyond them to inspire the same in others. Members of our community and visitors to our area can gain much from Mr. Boone's positive attitude. "Merit, not sympathy wins!" Motto of the "Blind" Boone Music Company.1890's-1927


We are entirely a volunteer group whom upon learning the history of the man for whom the park is named for, decided he should not be forgotten. The park land is still owned by the city and we asked and received permission to restore the park on our own efforts. That means, no city funding. The city has recognized our efforts and has passed a resolution to accept the park back into the maintenance system upon completion. The park had been abandonded for over 30 years. Inspired by the story of "Blind" Boone, we began in June 2000. We have had over 60 volunteers put in over 1000 hours of volunteer labor. Many of our volunteers had never met each other but have enjoyed working together and have become inspired by each others willingness to restore and create a truly community park. Each of us have shared our own history while we've worked in the park together. The volunteers have come from surrounding areas including Whiteman Air Force personnel and Central Missouri State University students and faculty in addition to Warrensburg residents.



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