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Mission Statement

The SOTO program will work in tandem with the Guilford County Juvenile Detention, Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, local universities and the faith based community to assist at-risk youth that are in need of leadership development, culture diversity and positive social skills. Working within this network allows us to provide youth with the necessary skills to affect not only their lives but the lives of others thru one-on-one mentor support, weekly events and activities. Through establishing, enlarging and maintaining this collaboration we will be able to implement positive change in youth throughout Guilford County.


Who we serve:

  • Youth ages 9-17
  • Youth with an Incarcerated Parents
  • Youth that are at risk for gang involvement
  • Court involved youth

How we serve:

SOTO provides a six to twelve month Leadership Development Program, which includes guided mentoring.

  1. Respect for self and peers ( Culture Diversity)
  2. Effective Communication ( Public Speaking )
  3. Leadership Development ( Character Building)
  4. Community Involvement ( Volunteer Services)
  5. Entrepreneur network (Career Exploration)

Why we serve: S.O.T.O

Prevent gang affiliation and recidivism among our triad youth.

Through Our Four P's Process of Change:

  1. Positive change- How they see themselves
  2. Plan to change- Make a goal to accomplish
  3. Practice change- Putting those goals in action
  4. Proof of change- Making a difference in the community



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by Gary R. from Castle Hayne, NC (2010-10-27 13:56:09.0)
I went to a meeting after volunteering to work with this organization. What I found was several things that you might consider before volunteering for this organization. The first thing I found was that this organization does not communicate well among its staff and subsequently is disorganized. Secondly, the person overall in charge is over her head and it seems unwilling to delegate to others. As a result execution suffers. I attended a 2+ hour meeting with staff and other volunteers but was never even called to perform any volunteer work when I was told that I would be called. My interest was to act as a facilitator. The mission of the organization is a very good cause and I am sure there is need in the organization for both money and help. I seems to me that the program director does not seem to be willing to delegate. It seems she would rather be the one executing the functions of the group rather than managing. If these issues are rectified, then I would highly recommend them.
by TRACI M. (2010-09-20 13:54:47.0)
This program has really helped my son and me with dealing with the every day issues that 14 yr old black boys have to deal with, meaning the gangs, girls, drugs, the street attitudes etc. My son has come a long way he start with the program when he had just turned 13 and he has been with them ever since he is doing better in school and at home he listens more and when things that would normal make him mad and angry come up he has learned how to deal with that angry a whole different way.