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Mission Statement

A Good Idea's mission is to provide impactful solutions for homelessness and underserved youth by connecting people in need with people who want to help. We build these connections for positive social change through service, education, and technology. A Good Idea creates solutions for social issues by forming teams of relevant social experts, researching, improving upon, and implementing proven social change models, and driving the overall process through compassion and empathy.


A Good Idea is all about Connection and Service.

  • Weekly Volunteer Opportunities - Each week, A Good Idea seeks to provide the community an AGI hosted volunteer opportunity. If A Good Idea doesn't have an opportunity set-up for that week, we will set up an opportunity to assist a partner with their event. The idea is simply to get people involved in the community assisting others.
  • Call to Arms - Each month, A Good Idea seeks to provide easy, less-intimidating volunteer opportunities for the community to get involved with. Typically with Call to Arms events, the first half of the day or evening is spent volunteering and the second half of the event is spent in a social environment spending time with those who you volunteered with. This again works towards what we think is a critical goal.connecting society.
  • Intentional Acts of Kindness (IAOK) - Once a quarter, A Good Idea spreads positivity throughout San Francisco by doing "intentional" acts of kindness for random people. The idea is to create a more connected, Pay-It-Forward type society. Each IOAK ends with an outside-the-box type of event such as a Silent Positivity Hour. Click here to.read about our most recent Intentional Acts of Kindness event.



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