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Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Film Society's mission is to engage the diverse communities of the region by producing major film events and other year-round programming.


Formed in 2001 by TLA Entertainment Group, the Philadelphia Film Society is dedicated to the presentation of film and video in the Greater Philadelphia area as a powerful form of artistic expression and a unique force for cultural diversity and international understanding. For the past 18 years PFS' most prominent event has been the PHILADELPHIA FILM FESTIVAL.

The Philadelphia film society (PFS) is also a community of film-goers that enjoy movies on many different levels. Creating memorable experiences from special dinner events to professional critiques, PFS provides year-round programming to suit all tastes and styles of the artistic media called film.

Through our filmadelphiaEXPERIENCE programs--filmadelphiaCLASSICS, filmadelphiaINDEPENDENT, filmadelphiaDOCUMENTARY--we provide an insider's view of film - looking at the subject matter from many perspectives. The filmadelphiaEXPERIENCE is a series of year-round moderated screening series, occurring every Wednesday evening at the Ritz East, designed to generate stimulating discussion about film while building and fostering a community experience. The filmadelphiaEXPERIENCE is essential to PFS' commitment to the presentation of film as a powerful form of artistic expression.

The filmadelphiaEXPERIENCE is designed to further this goal, by engaging and educating the diverse communities of the Greater Philadelphia region. The filmadelphiaINDEPENDENT and filmadelphiaDOCUMENTARY screening series extend the festival year-round, serving to make the film-going community in Philadelphia aware of significant and important independent films while providing the opportunity to see these films in a traditional theatre setting, followed by a moderated group discussion exploring the ideas behind the film. Similarly, the filmadelphiaCLASSICS screening series returns both groundbreaking and little known classic films to theatres in order to revisit the themes within.


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by Justin b. (2017-10-12 14:27:57.0)
I would recommend this organizatation because so far every thing that i've read, it seems like it would be a great opportunity for most (young) people to explore their options in life.