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Mission Statement

ABOUT THE C.L.A.E.R. PROJECT "One of the first and leading respondents to San Francisco's burgeoning homicide rate and a potentially growing permanent underclass." The C.L.A.E.R. Project is a seven-year-old community based organization located in San Francisco's Visitacion Valley. The program is anchored in these major areas at this point: Public Policy Advocacy Resource Development Creating and fining opportunities to sustain efforts to eradicate violence Building the capacity of individuals and community based organizations to address issues of social inequity A peer-to-peer model to address the immediacy of community members and neighbors Create and explore opportunities to address economic parity and emerging 21st century training and opportunities The Community Leadership Academy and Emergency Response (C.L.A.E.R) helps people who have lost family and friends to violence-- specifically street violence-- or have been attacked themselves or witnessed assaults on others. While we serve the San Francisco community as a whole, our main focus is serving the women and families living in Sunnydale public housing. C.L.A.E.R. serves over 700 individuals. C.L.A.E.R. is dedicated to the following activities: • Increasing civic participation and social capital for residents of public housing and disadvantaged communities • Public policy analysis and advocacy that helps to create a public discourse on the disproportionate effect of violence on minority communities in San Francisco, and specifically the Southeast sector • Attacking the residual effect of violence on women and their families • Providing support to women who have lost a loved one to violence • Addressing the effects of long-term and generational depression on women and families, and specifically connecting those in need of counseling to therapists and other mental health professionals The staff of C.L.A.E.R. is a group of women who work tirelessly to change and heal the neighborhoods in which they live. 98% of the staff lives in public housing in San Francisco's Southeast sector. Our motto is "Yes we can, Yes we have, and Yes we will". Visit our website for more information: www.claerproject.org Visit our blog at www.theclaerproject.blogspot.com Follow us on TWITTER: TheClaerProject For additional information regarding how to get involved with C.L.A.E.R. and how to support a CAMPAIGN FOR LIFE agenda, blog, Twitter, and call: 415-333-3017


Non-profit dealing with issues of urban violence



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