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Mission Statement

Global Children's Organization (GCO) helps heal children traumatized by war or community violence by providing programs that find creative ways to live in diverse, peaceful communities. While creating hope, the programs teach the children how to resolve conflict and prevent future violence.


Rediscovering the joys of childhood while building trust and respect, GCO programs both domestically and abroad, have helped thousands of children since 1992.exchange hate for love and form cross cultural friendships. Through summer camps, mentoring, arts and healing, and, conflict resolution training, GCO has created effective violence prevention strategies for children of multi-ethnic backgrounds led by a diverse and caring staff of volunteers. GCO takes children out of their immediate environments, beyond the circumstances of their lives to a safe place near their homes. There the children live and play without fear and gain tools for reconciliation that help them make new choices and cross divides of ignorance, hate and fear.Community Building and Conflict Resolution Training GCO programs include daily community building with communication games and exercises that promote trust, and respect. Through games and exercises the children become more resourceful and compassionate while learning non-violent means of resolving conflicts. They gain a new civic ethic, leadership skills and constructive choices that they can demonstrate at home and in their communities which can forever change the course of old ways of intolerance Arts and Healing The GCO Arts and Healing program, led by trained artists and therapists, includes theater, music, dance and visual arts. One of the cornerstones of GCO camps; the arts allow individual creative expression as well as group productions stressing peaceful cooperation. Drumming, painting, writing are some of the arts that enable the children to explore new parts of themselves. An exhibition of the children's work is shown around the world. Peace Building Programs "If we are achieve peace, we must love our children more than we hate our enemies." Golda Meir LOCAL... Southern California/Los Angeles GCO Turning Neighbors Into Friends camp, in partnership with UCLA Unicamp and Loma Linda Medical Center are held in the San Bernardino mountains, and feature an extensive nature and outdoor program, as well as arts and healing and conflict resolution training. The children, all living in Southern California, are economically deprived and living amongst gang and community violence, together with children who are recent refugees from war. The LA camp gives children a chance to explore nature and learn respect for it and each other. GLOBAL. Badija Island, Croatia Since 1993, GCO has held Island to Island summer camps for war traumatized children from Bosnia, Kosova, and other parts of the Balkans. GCO works with many local groups to select the children who often live in orphanages, refugee camps, or makeshift housing. At camp they create and learn peaceful, personal solutions to conflict. They find common ground by interacting and living with other children who were previously perceived as enemies. They play freely in a safe, nurturing environment, where they can re-experience a childhood lost in the war and its aftermath. For many children who return year after year, GCO becomes their Family and the support needed to grow and thrive. Today, the same hatred and violence that's been plaguing children in far-away countries, is also traumatizing our children here in the U.S. - the haven of freemdom, democracy and safety. GCO is developing programs for the children affected by the recent bombings in Washington DC and New York.



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by Jeremiah D. K. from LR (2015-05-25 10:52:52.0)
Very Likely! Having read your description, it proved to me that your organization has sheer similarities to that of mine (BLFI)and would appreciate having a partnership.