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Mission Statement

"For every thousand solutions hacking at the leaves of the problem, there's one striking at the roots" -Thoreau Purposes: * Raise awareness among adults, especially parents and care givers, that injuries are the leading health threat facing children today, and that they are not random events but are preventable through behavioral and environmental interventions; committed to changing through education society's false notion that "accidents just happen". Injuries are erroneously referred to as "accidents", because they occur so quickly, and appear to be uncontrollable. But, by removing "known" hazards, and with careful adult supervision, most of these injuries are preventable. *To organize programs and events which advance the body of knowledge in preventing childhood injuries. It is the ultimate aim of The As Safe As Possible Campaign that its works contribute positively to the reduction in the needless death and disability which results from PREVENTABLE childhood injuries. *"FILL THE GAPS"... Deliver targeted projects, services, programs, and promotions. Today as opportunities for government funding for preventive programs becomes increasingly competitive and as the health care environment continues to change rapidly, the critical need for private funding for these type programs is escalating. We want to help those who otherwise might not get help; by focusing attention on and design injury prevention strategies for children of low-income families who, statistics show, are at highest risk for injuries. *To mobilize human and financial resources to accomplish the above. NOTE: We are thrilled to announce that The As Safe As Possible Campaign, and National Childhood Injury Prevention Week has received local and national recognition, most recently from the U.S. Congress.


The As Safe As Possible Campaign is a not-for-profit national public awareness and education organization, launched in1993 to halt the epidemic of unintentional injuries that has swept this country. It was formed with the belief that, through its efforts, childhood injuries can be prevented and lives saved. The history of accidental injury of young children demonstrates the continuing need to educate parents andgrandparents on how to protect children from potentially harmful substances andcircumstances. As a part of a continued effort to keep all young children safeand healthy, we provide safety information, with the hope that if this advice is followed, a reduction in the number of unintentional childhood injuries will follow.



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