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Mission Statement

Sage Star Center for Jewish Cultural

Education is a not-for-profit organization

providing resources and on-site training for

at-risk youth and staff at residential facilities.

Open to all religions and backgrounds, we

aim to improve the lives of adolescents and

their families through education based on

Jewish traditions, culture and philosophy.


Psychologists are just beginning to understand the full import of religion and spirituality in the general well-being and quality of life for at-risk adolescents. It is, however, generally understood that there can be a positive correlation between religiosity and spirituality when incorporated with efforts to increase the self-efficacy of at-risk adolescents. Sage Star Center on-site STUDENT-CENTERED DEVELOPMENT COURSES will address these needs.

Understanding the cultural and ethnic background of those you serve allows staff members to better respond to the needs and wants of the adolescents and their families. Sage Star Center CROSS-CULTURAL STAFF TRAINING & CONSULTING is especially valuable for residential facilities that do not have easy access to Jewish communal support.

The Sage Star Center INFORMATION NETWORK, the third component, is an online resourece for families and guardians of at-risk youth, residential facility staff, reserarchers, Jewish support organizations and philanthropists.

Supporting marginalized youth in these tumultuous times is a necessity if we, as a nation are to reach our fullest potential. Incorporating social and moral building blocks as they relate to contemporary issues within traditional and therapeutic models is the key to helping at-risk youth develop a strong sense of self-efficacy and rebuild ties to their families. Providing at-risk Jewish youth with an ethical and moral foundation grounded in the Jewish culture and traditions will help to ensure that no Jew is left behind.

Sage Star Center for Jewish Cutlural Education enriches lives through the wisdom of the past.



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