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Mission Statement

Two million people. One voice. Denver Art Society is a single voice through which all Denver citizens are able to speak about art. Together we are building Denver into a more profitable, more beautiful, more prosperous city. Thanks to our amazing volunteers and our generous grassroots supporters, the citizens of Denver are uniting. We now act with a single common purpose: art for all. We, the people of Denver, can do this ourselves You have spoken. We have listened. You want a city with more jobs, more culture, more beauty, and more global recognition for the good we do here: a city where the art doesn't need to be sprayed on local businesses because our talented citizens have access to the paint, canvas, and dignity they deserve. We are the people of Denver building a more beautiful, stronger, more prosperous city for our common future. We are founded on these laws: 1. Provide pencils & paper, paint & canvas to anyone who asks. 2. Offer a public library of art, design, and general knowledge books 3. Uphold the ideal of free expression through hosting open discussions, open forums, and open classes 4. Defend the right of all peaceful art to exist 5. Teach any child who asks to learn how to draw


We, the people of Denver believe in art. For jobs - art is now the world's fastest growing major industry. For artists - guiding us to the forefront of the international art movement. For our future - and our common purpose as a city. We are a charitable community. We believe in artists. We believe in you. 100% of public donations directly fund Denver art.



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